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How Snapchat Makes Money?


Top millennial’s fun messaging app Snapchat with its 100 million active daily users has come a long way from their initial start back in 2011. The world is curious to know about how and how much Snapchat is making so let us share every bit of detail on it without much adieu.

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YouTube Advertising
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YouTube Advertising. The Things You’re Missing Out

At this very moment, do you see someone watching a YouTube video? Quite possible that you do and may be just not one person, but many near you could be watching YouTube videos as you read this. As matter of fact you might have been watching a YouTube video just ...
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4 Ways To Create Awesome Content That Everyone Loves

In the past articles, we have emphasized the need to have a content marketing strategy to help you in your SEO goals (Search Engine Optimization) and for establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. So business owners, with a dream of increased sales, they hire SEO services and content ...
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How to Create Irresistible Offers and Increase Your Profit By 30% or More

The frontline of any business is the sales and marketing department as this is the part of the company that can directly communicate the offers and value to consumers and also get money upfront. Any type of business can benefit heavily from a dedicated sales department whether it is a ...
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Don’t Spend on Any Advertising Until You Read This

Conventional form of advertising such as full size cover page ads on popular print magazines, TV prime time ads, front page newspaper ads and buying radio airtime obviously remain as expensive conventional advertising methods. Does it means that social media advertising is thriving now? Let’s find out.
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Breaking the Barriers: Integrating Digital Marketing Best Practices for Your Business’ Success

In highly digitalized business environment, online marketing plays a very crucial role for brands to get the word out and for target consumers to know what you offer, be it products, produce and services. The 21st century consumers nowadays have significantly changed compared to those consumers in the last decade ...
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9 Foolproof Ways to Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine

Is your website attracting customers or is it driving them away? The best suggestion is to have an overall website design that retains the visitors’ attention, solves their problem and has got call to action buttons to help them in their next step during their scanning of your website. In ...