About Us

eQTM which stands for e-portal containing Quality and Timely Marketing news, views and information is a platform dedicated in providing insights, the latest trends, tech news and innovations in and around the digital world to better inform and educate C-level executives, sales and marketing executives, business owners and consumers by providing the best information there is for their consumption.

Launched last January 15, 2016, eQTM have already published very interesting articles, full of insightful information that cuts across news updates, research reports, successful business tips and solutions and other essentials to provide digital marketers, marketing managers, sales leaders, executives and the ordinary readers top-notched information.

eQTM, strives to continue adding news and updates on digital marketing solutions, e‑commerce, digital media, the Internet of Things (IoT) and a lot more to keep you well-informed with relevant digital marketing solutions and technological innovations news to help your decision making and ultimately, your success.