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Why Your Business Needs Its Essential Company Logo?


Alright let’s begin with doing a Google search for you and see what we get for the phrase “small image logo”. What we got was a lot of great logo designs from many years of logo work. The SERP results gave us results of Apple’s logo, Google’s logo, NBC’s logo, Coca Cola’s logo, Johnson’s logo, Nike’s logo, Disney’s log and many other powerful and well recognized logos known to mankind. So essentially a logo is an image or a graphic that depicts the brand and is used on all its products / marketing material as a brand’s identity (intellectual property)!


Your Logo is Your Trademark

Google was once scared that they would only be considered a search company and if it wasn’t for the brand name “Google”, it might just have been any other search company. The brand name and its logo is what makes Google resonates so differently with every human who uses the Google search engine every day! No wonder, Google’s logo / trademark is worth a great deal about $ 44.3 billion which is approx. 27% of Google’s overall value (as per Brand Finance).

What Should Be the Logo Name

At heart of a logo, there are two aspects, one is the name of the brand and then the graphic of the brand name which is logo. Now you see brands like Dell, Conde’ Nast and Disneyland got their name from their founder’s name Michael Dell, Condé Montrose Nast and Walt Disney respectively. Other times, a lot of people do keep their beloved’s name or children’s name as their business name!


Amazon logo wouldn’t have come into being without its brand name. Jeff Bezos looked up the dictionary and finally found the word “Amazon” as its company name where the A to Z letters depict that people will be able to find A to Z books at EBay founder owner Pierre Omidyar wanted the name however it was already taken, so he settled for This is where the name of the company becomes the logo and then we also have logos like Apple, Starbucks, Nike, playboy logo where just the graphical logo is enough with their decades of brand popularity!

Recent Most Popular Logo Changes

Starbucks changed its logo on in 2011 and removed its name from the two-tailed siren logo. As it happens this change didn’t come overnight. Starbucks founders had been thinking about this change for some time. The change made sense as it has expanded into more fields like ice cream / beer / wine (in some outlets and locations) and its name has become obvious with two-tailed siren alone.

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Instagram, the popular photo app with filters, changed its logo this year and some people had a difficult time assimilating the change. The real reasons were simple and user oriented, that the founders wanted to new logo to be a simple design on mobile devices, and wanted that the user images should be the focus on the app. After few months have passed, people have accepted the change in Instagram logo.

Internet search giant, Google changed its logo font (typeface) this year and made a modern, geometric type face called Product Sans, yet keeping its major color scheme. The change will be across devices and products at Google and this was done keeping in mind the increase in mobile apps and devices. But there are times when a logo change doesn’t go well, like in the case of GAP logo change, where the company had to bring the old logo in effect again.

So what we learn from these logo changes is that these changes were made after a lot of thought and processing. Whatever your prime thoughts about your company logo, make it really clear and in sync with your company goals, company’s image and keep it scalable for the future (future proof). You should put to use services of a good graphic designer or graphic design company which understand creativity, aesthetics, marketing needs of your industry, and finally delivers a logo that will be your business face for a long time!

3 Essentials for Your Logo Design

We are going to put it in a very simple manner the top essentials for your company logo design here. Start with color, you have to find a way to understand what feeling the colors in the logo would convey to people. First find out what feeling and meaning you want the colors to convey and then use the similar color tones in your logo. The color blue conveys credibility, green depicts nurturing, black depicts strength and so on and so forth. Try to use and adjust the best colors for your company motto and image. Remember color plays an important role in marketing.


Then move ahead with typeface or font of the logo. In case you want a fun logo, try to create a fun logo, or artistic logo, or a corporate logo depending upon your needs. Do take opinions from your well-wishers and close connections, so that you can put their first hand opinions to use as well.

The design of the image of the logo is incredibility important and here you need to focus on which graphics can describe your brand to its best. Use all creativity, brain storming and useful notes to create an image that can speak your brand value. When you are working on it, ask your graphic designer to come up with few variations so that you can take opinions on all of them before deciding on your final logo. This is a crucial step and you can take your time to decide and don’t not rush through the process.

The Online Logo Making Services

There are a few online logo making website available today, where you can also create your own logo. Just put your company name, tagline, and industry type and a lot of options will show up. What we suggest you here is that you can see some ideas, and if you are on a tight budget, you could also go for these services. However what we realized is that, these auto generated logo were more generic than iconic logos. Instead you should go ahead with an actual graphic designer who can assist you can creating a unique company logo that is more creative and brand specific.


Final Words on Logo Design

If you have noticed in FedEx logo, there is actually an arrow in the letter E and X expressing moving forward towards the future (its hidden meaning using negative space). It is every important to understand that every logo gets accepted with time and there is no substitute for a great company/service. In case you create a great logo however your service / product is not up to the mark, your logo design will not stand a chance! One thing is for sure, that your company logo will help you in making a statement, will give you a more professional look to your company and finally will help in establishing your brand in the market space.

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