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New Technologies for Your Ecommerce Website Success


Do you think you can affect the world by what you browse? This is especially true if you are shopping online as you will be definitely impacting the ecommerce business which is worth more than a trillion dollar business today.

Want to Start an Ecommerce Business

The e commerce growth is scaling up rapidly literally as we speak and if you are thinking to start your own ecommerce business, we will suggest that there has never been a better or worse time. Worst because, there is a lot of competition and better because there are a lot of helpful digital and social media tools to help you escalate your online ecommerce business and store. Most of the all big retail stores are now selling online and retail online sales are moving upward each year. Then there are lesser known online stores that are difficult to find which leads its way to millions of small to big online stores.


Ecommerce Boom is Happening Now

Good news, there is a way around today’s high competition that is try to be smart and put to use your competitors “job done well” in your own business aspects and try to learn from their mistakes. Do analyze what they are lacking in and provide something exactly that their customers crib about or wish they had. Include those features / services / products to your own brand so that you start attracting new customers like a powerful magnet!

Use Tools like Humans Always Have

Our tools change with changing times and since we are talking about online success, let’s use technology tools as much as we can to get results we want. There are some great ecommerce website platforms like Magento, Joomla, WordPress and above all there is a well-developed customized website that takes care of your specific needs with attention to details and brings in the user friendly navigation approach.


Your website content would be impressive and contextual so that it hits the bull’s eye and gets noticed by prospects. By contextual content we mean that it needs to be useful to customers and should meet their needs. Your product or service has a particular market and as a business owner you need to understand your buyer’s characteristics. Once you understand your customers, you can create contextual content around their needs!

Another point to keep in mind is that your product categorization has to be done properly so that users can easily find the products they need (do you know Amazon has a separate job profile for product categorization profile). Your product photography should be close to the real products so that there is little disappointment when customer receives their purchased product (it is possible to get exact product colors with correct photography and not to mention we need impressive product photography). You must also get your unique company logo, on page SEO set up and social media pages active.

Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner and Google Webmasters

All these three Google’s website analysis tools are super helpful and you must make use of these to the fullest. Google Trends helps in finding keywords that are trending over a specific period of time and you can search for particular trends country wise as well. Say for example, you are looking for “ecommerce store” using Google trends, it would suggest you related queries (their respective trend statistics too), all related topics and country specific interest related with “ecommerce store” over a selected period.

Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is highly useful when you are running Google AdWords and during planning of target keywords for SEO optimization. You don’t want to target such keywords which people don’t search at all or only those keywords that every other competitor is targeting (high competition keywords). What you need is a combination of both these keywords, so that you can progress faster in your search engine optimization goals. Google Keyword Planner helps in suggesting new keywords and you can find keyword search volume and this will go a long way in making your website easily visible on search engines and find new customers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics and Google Webmasters tools are again Google’s free tools that should be set up to know how your website is doing, how your visitors are accessing the information on your ecommerce website and what are the most visited pages. There are a plethora of useful information available with Google analytics and Google webmaster tools and hiring an expert would mean that you get to use the reports and make changes in your campaigns, content, products likewise.

Few Must Have For Ecommerce Website Success

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon says, that “you earn reputation by trying to do hard things well”. We couldn’t agree more with that. So there is no substitute for hard work, improvisation and strong teamwork for your ecommerce business success. There will be a time when you would have to delegate some of the work to others, as it is imperative to have others manage parts of your ecommerce business. You must have excellent product so that people will appreciate their purchase.


Make the shipping free and make it fool proof with minimum errors like wrong addressee or broken goods. The quality of packaging is very important and so is timely delivery of goods for your ecommerce business. Make it a point to hear your customers on social media and leverage word of mouth publicity for your brand. Always try to go that extra mile to keep customers happy so that they can remember you brand and product they have used. Run Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google AdWords and be active on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and other powerful social media channels.

Last But Not the Least

Now that you know about the latest technologies that you can use for your ecommerce business and website’s success, there is work to be done. Social media marketing, paid advertising, search engine optimization, website development, contextual user related content, special offers and Google Trends / Google Analytics / Google Keyword planner are all that you need to set your path to ecommerce success.

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