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How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Affecting Our Search

artificial intelligence

You might be a little disappointed to know that AI or artificial intelligence in our actual life (or in the near future) is a bit less glamorous compared to unnerving sci-fi movies we watch today. You imagine why the difference? Well movies are always larger than life and they are made to intrigue people’s interest and emotions.

You see flat movies with average stuff can’t do well at the theatres (see you know)! Moreover despite the word fiction is always attached with this categorization still for a moment we want to think that all the Terminator and Skynet could be real in future!

In this article we will be telling you all about the present uses of artificial intelligence, the extend of AI usage today, the progress in robotic technology, machine learning, and Google RankBrain that uses AI to bring you your search results! Yes Google is using artificial Intelligence as per of its algorithms. Read everything about AI below:

Machine Learning and Google’s RankBrain

At eQTM blog we are always trying get you the best digital marketing updates so we had to cover RankBrain here. What is RankBrain? How it is affecting search queries or keywords?

Mr. Giannandrea

As per Google’s AI head Mr. Giannandrea, he stated that Google became serious about AI (artificial intelligence) research about 4 years back and currently they are not just focusing on developing it further but Google has also open- sourced some of its platforms like its neutral network framework TensoryFlow known as SyntaxNet so that even non AI (machine learning) coders/experts can start using the available resources to better their projects and include machine learning in their models.

Rainbrain is basically used by Google’s Algorithm in about 15% of its total search results today and with Google’s search now being managed by AI head John Giannandrea, it seems research on Artificial Intelligence and AI usage is here to stay.

RankBrain uses artificial intelligence that is basically human coded language made of up numbers, algebra, mathematical entities (remember computers can’t yet read / understand language like humans but only numbers). Artificial intelligence embeds (inserts syntax) vast amount of written language into word vectors or distributed representations that have unique coordinate address in mathematical space.

How RankBrain Really Works

Currently Google RankBrain uses deep learning process to locate most successful results for unknown user’s queries. RankBrain uses context to find user results and this way Google search is getting affected with more than just keywords but context also matters.


The reason behind increased investing in RankBrain is that as Google found out computer artificial intelligence works faster and smarter than even humans on some occasions.

It is so called as intelligence is because it can use its embed pool of information (neutral networks) to come up with useful information for the users and become successful in that goal. We need to look at RankBrain not as a replacement of human intelligence but only an aid to assist humans. The search results provided by RankBrain can’t always be explained by experts because that would require a lot of working around mathematics and machines code instructions. Yet RankBrain is only human coded instructions and machine language!

Common Artificial Intelligence Implementations

There are more applications of artificial intelligence in our daily lives than we can imagine. Some of these are used so commonly that we don’t any more even term it as artificial intelligence. Computer science (graphic user interface), in financial institutions for scanning photos/claims that are out of norm, computer aided interpretation of medical images, AI assistant, robots and Fuzzy logic controllers in cars for automatically shifting gears.

Artificial intelligence saw many ups and downs usually in the form of dry funding period to a boom era. AI work started somewhere around 1951 with Dean Edmonds who build the first neutral net machine in 1951. A neural network mostly uses word vectors/ human coded machine language however it has the ability to learn new things by itself and it can learn from other computers.

Right now we are seeing a boom in artificial intelligence research and application much like the earlier boom years of 1956 to 1974, 1980 to 1987, 1984 to 1988. Since 21st century we can see a high demand for artificial intelligence projects and AI takers! New AI technology is currently being used in making self run cars, cybernetics, industrial robots, by Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Intel and more.


What Artificial Intelligence Use is Not

Robots that use artificial intelligence can’t destroy the human race because even to bring the current state of bots which can recognize voice, facial expression, walk/run easily, have sensory abilities and those that can learn new connections about already known things have taken many years of intended work.  Robots don’t just wake up one day and would think about destroying the world on their own.

Robots don’t think like a human brain and they can’t feel things like humans always. They can’t wake up and think about their to-do-list. All robots and artificial intelligence has its limitations and they are mostly a result of neural networks and machine language.

Despite heavy demand and use of industrial robots in China, US, or Japan, we will not see robots that easily. Most robots will do repetitive work that humans wouldn’t like to do and they will rather help humans in completing lesser interesting work. Advanced robots are being created and these take a lot research, tweaking and high investment and it is rare to bump into one even after many years.


The AI Conclusion

Going ahead there will be billions of investment in AI technology and research. What lies ahead in AI field is very fast responses from Google, real life and human like robots, bots learning new tricks on their own, and breakthrough in AI technology. All that might look like magic however it still would be very much human work.

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