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Sure Ways to Fire Up Your SEO Rankings


We think you should know about the best 2016 SEO hacks so we are going to tell you about those top SEO hacks here. We are doing this because your website high rankings is our motto! With these good to know hacks, one can improve their website Google rank fast and easy. Without any delay, we tell you our best 5 SEO shortcuts/ hacks without any real shortcuts!

Rev Up Use of Keywords In Your Social Media Updates

Use your selected phrases/ words for your brand and service in your day to day social media posts and images. Make use of your focused SEO words in Hashtags too and always use appropriate Alt tags / captions for your best images.

Keep using popular Hashtags and trending topics related to your services so that you have better chances of getting found by hundreds of users who search these Hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Another great tip here for creating compelling social media posts is that you need to polish your content (such as proof read it well) and images (add some short content, use a collage, or fun image filters).

If you are using your own personal profile for business posts then keep the post visibility to Public so that search engines can crawl your posts. However your business page posts are always public. Make use of advanced photo based social media channels like Photo bucket, Pinterest, Instagram and top blogs /posts sites like Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit, Quora and Stumpleupon to expedite social sharing. That’s it, do this and you will be further ahead in your search engine optimization.

Ignite the Possibilities of Blogging for Web Magazines

Okay, we know what you are thinking that guest blogging could hurt your website rankings instead. Well, not at all, given that you don’t misuse this or incorrectly try to get external links.

Tell your powerful story on authoritative sites and share how your product is different from the rest or least tell the story behind it. Even three stellar inbound / back links to your main website could boost your SEO manifolds.

Great tip: An external link from other niche website (with high Alexa ranking) to your own website is something which tells Google that you can be trusted. So invest in getting quality inbound links.

Connect With Peeps Who Need You.

Don’t just yet create new demand when the demand already exists out there. The only thing you need to do is find the demand by searching the Internet for people who are looking for your services and products.

If you are a website development company, there are a lot of new businesses in your area, new products and everybody needs a website. So now it is easy to contact them, because you can be useful to each other. Feels like giving a high five now!

Great tip: Don’t look for a water snake in barren land!

Hands Down Organic SEO is the Chief of All SEO Ranks

The only huge difference between paid promotions is that once you stop your paid ads on Google or Social media channels, people stop to see your brand name. However once you work towards getting top organic Google rankings/Yahoo rankings, these rankings can’t be easily depleted. Plus people trust organic results more after all organic SEO will always have more weightage and authority.

If your digital marketing agency is working towards getting better SEO ranking, then it is okay that the process is taking a bit longer. All good things takes time! The keyword ‘top SEO Company’ is way too broad and has way too much competition. Start with achievable results and take it two step at a time (legit SEO is slow work!).

Great tip: Work towards long tail relevant keywords, location specific keywords before you go for broad tail keywords like top SEO company.

Take a Deep Look at User Generated Content

User generated content is from people who have used your services / products earlier or have questions around it. There are things that people are talking about you company (for around products/services you offer), why not nourish that conversation to create better business relationships.

mentions on Social Media

There are a lot of places where you can look up for user generated content. Have a comment section / feedback form on your website, there is the review section on Facebook and other social media sites. Look for the conversation at review sites and question/answer forums.

Try to answer the questions and reviews in a time sensitive manner whenever possible. This is because if you helped someone in need, they will thank you whole heartedly.

Great tip: At times you can even create your content copy around user generated content. Plus you can use automated software tools to find out mentions and reviews around your brand on Twitter and Google.

Concluding Words Now

Social media is very much part of your search engine optimization strategy. It makes a lot of sense to use social media channels in the best possible manner to get higher Google rankings. Incorporate necessary keywords, top Hashtags, title tag, image captions and popular stories in your social posts.

Getting your article published on one of the top web industry relevant magazines will give your SEO a must needed throttling push. Google loves to see websites have inbound links from top websites (referral links).


Today’s internet savvy users are leaving reviews, comments and keenly interacting with your social media profiles. Responding to their user generated content will ensure that you move up in your Google ranks sooner than your competitors.

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