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Top Photo App of 2016 Prisma’ Success Story Now Revealed


Let’s catch up on one of the most exciting 2016 photo editing mobile app Prisma core reasons behind becoming the most used and viral fun photo editing app today.

We are not going to share the basics because we can understand that you like exclusive updates! Without any adieu- below we tell you 5 reasons behind Prisma’s app viral success so that perhaps you too could repeat the same success in your digital and app marketing efforts.


Quick Intro

Prisma is a photo editing free app which has been downloaded million fold both on iPhone and Android smartphones world over. The app has been developed by Prisma labs, Inc. and has been by developed by Alexey Moiseenkov.

The app has been used by celebrities from across the globe. The app was developed and launched in only one and half months and currently its latest version has been released in 28 August’ 2016. It comes with 33 filters and will be also inducing Video processing in following months.

Offline Filters on Prisma

Offline FiltersYou can now use some of the top Prisma filters offline. These filters make it so easy to transport regular and simple images into work of art of artist like Pablo Picasa and Vincent Van Gogh. Yes we tried these ourselves and we couldn’t be more impressed!

The offline facility allows one to use the filers without an Internet connection and limit Internet usage. So now with Prisma’s offline capabilities, the processing task is totally moved to the smartphone.

Terrific Feature of Prisma

The most terrific thing of Prisma app is the fact that nothing of this sort of app existed earlier in the App store and Google play. This makes the app automatically the exclusive app providing the experience it is giving its users. The app’s stunning feature is that it creates images like art that has always holds special appeal and art is something that is very difficult to create.

However Prisma changed that opinion and gave way to new era of photo apps that just don’t add few filters on top of an image however those use better and more recent artificial intelligence, new technology and neutral networks. Truly impossible is nothing, now you can be a great painter of sorts!

Viral Demand of Prisma

The Viral Demand for Prisma

What will go viral in the app business, no one can quite tell. After all, how can you think too big about something that is yet to be used by even few hundreds of people? Prisma app developer Alexey Moiseenkov didn’t promote the app either.

However there is viral demand (never ending) for good apps in the market since few years now especially after the advent of best and powerful smartphones. App developing companies and app developers work really hard to create these awesome apps. Everyone likes to use a good app that gets the work done really fast, easy and simple way.

Also there are a lot of people who wish to up their ante with photos and so they are always searching for photo and video editing apps. No wonder we have so many articles written about best apps of the year! From the likes of Dubsmash, Pokemon Go, VSCO photo app, we have now one more app to take the world over, Prisma!

A General Tip: Please search carefully to find the official Prisma app because there are many similar app with the same name usually inferior in quality and photo output (look for the triangle logo).

The Social Component

Social DevelopmentThe psychology of sharing says that people have an innate need /desire to share with fellow beings. It is self-fulfilling to share entertaining & useful things with others. Sharing helps us to grow in our relations with people and get the word out there.

Here the Prisma app makes social sharing in-built within the app itself and you can easily share your work of art on Facebook, Instagram ( of course!) and option to share / save the image on the phone.

Think about it like this, take away the social sharing component of Prisma? It would make it so difficult for people to put to use their recreated images, that it would never have its millions of its current active users it does right now. Wonder why so many people are allowing social login on e-commerce websites and other web 2.0 applications? It gives people an easy start versus a completed start from the usual signing up process and in turn you can easily get all the necessary details from their already available public profiles.

The Prisma’s Success Summary

Contagious photo app Prisma’s developers gave mobile users and everyone interested in making their photos awesome, one of the most super and simple tool.

Prisma App

Prisma holds a unique mix of both entertainment and fun components, making it one of the top downloaded photo editing app of 2016. Now everyone can be an artist and show off their artistic self to the world!

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