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6 Common Fatal Social Media Marketing Myths for Startups

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First off, we are not going to talk about folklore / legends here. However we are interested in busting widely held false and wreckful digital marketing believes that owners and startups believe to be true.

Just before we tell you about the ways you might be hurting your social media and content marketing efforts, we present you two important questions. Why do business social media marketing myths spread? Well cause many newbie’s are doing social media incorrectly. Why you need to immediately know about these SMM wrong practices? Well doesn’t it make simple sense to do online marketing correctly!

It is important that we debunk social media marketing myths so that we can start doing digital marketing effectively and below we tell you everything.

social media company

You Need a Professional Social Media Company

Well, here is something, social media can be learned like any subject. If you are ready to learn and put efforts, you can do social media marketing yourself.

Remember that this will require significant time and efforts though. Instead we suggest, try to know intelligent things about social media working and get the job done from a reputed digital marketing company.

Like and share

Social Media is About Page Likes & Followers

Let’s explain this, this way – We are sure that in the past you must have got a message on your Facebook account that some friend of yours wants you to like their page.

Now as a courtesy you might like their page however if that page was not related to your likes / interests, you would never interact with the page posts ‘ least buy anything from them. It is imperative that you give importance to Engagement and similar metrics to gauge your ROI.


You Can’t Measure Social Media

Your customer might be coming from various sources. They might find about you from a friend / Google search (If you have good rankings / website / presence online), newspaper advert, TV commercial, print brochure, blogs, online review sites, online listing sites and from your various social media profiles etc.

One of the most common way to find what how they came to know about your business is asking them to fill a feedback form, in case you run a hotel / restaurant. If you only have an online shop/ business, map your week’s sales with social media engagement metrics / direct messages.

When you are running paid Facebook ads / LinkedIn ads / Twitter paid promotions/ Instagram advertising, Pinterest advertising or any such social media paid marketing, set up your goals either to ‘reach, ‘followers’, engagement’, ‘traffic’, then set your target audience, set up budget, create an awesome ad ( don’t forget to do competitive research / keyword research, test your ad for visual appeal). After you test your ad, optimize it for greater ROI.

Paid social advertising best metrics are high CTC (click through rates) and low CPC (cost per click). Use some good social media analytics tool and set up Google Analytics tracking code for each website link you share on social media for paid advertising. If all this is too much to comprehend, get an online agency to run your social media campaigns successfully.

post as frequently

You Should Post as Frequently as You Can

Please don’t make posting on social media a number game but always make it about quality posts. People are already facing too much noise on social media these days, as you have experienced firsthand (if you use social media a lot). Remember people do use the un-follow, unlike, and block buttons on social media.

What one needs here is regular daily posts (if you can do one a day, it is okay), don’t make posting only about sales copy. Share original or curate interesting information, industry expert news, and current updates, include some entertaining and fun information. Use great image to help your content’s appeal.

Mind your word limit and keep your copy to few words preferably one line or less is better. If you want to add a summary or description, keep it to three lines. Repost your articles, reuse your cornerstone content to create other content formats like white papers, e-books, videos, case studies, slide shows and info- graphics. Keep your company blogs / articles up-to date and add new information.

Include brand names, popular Hashtags, brand Hashtags, watch brand mentions, reply to feedback and keep the conversation going. Keep the content copy around customer needs and their questions.

social media channels

You Need to Be on All Social Media Channels

If you are just starting off, then perhaps focus on top three to four social media channels. Do a research on what social media channels are best for your kind of service / product and location. Test your social media efforts to your goals.

If you have the resources, move to other channels and social media marketing opportunities like Stumble Upon, Quora, YouTube Video (make good videos that you don’t have to delete in the future!), Reddit and other.

Remember you have to be active on social media channels to maintain and increase user engagement. Learn all the news things these channels have to offer because Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, WordPress all come up with new updates all the time.

human in social media

You Shouldn’t Get Human on Social Media

Social media users are very human ( minus the trolls / negative people we want to avoid) and they do like to see your behind the scene , hear your real stories and get to know your real human and personal details.

When you do share a more personal image, still make sure to be useful to your audience since they are using social media for their purpose. In fact a lot of time we see that regular posts are about regular things however when you keep your posts interesting, it increase engagement.

in conclusion

Summarizing the Most Important

Business social media marketing is essential for reaching billions of users world over. Social media is not just about social posting however it is a lot more work. You should first focus on social media marketing locally and then measure your efforts with your return of investment.

Use the right social media tools and keep yourself updated all the time. Don’t spam people with your social media updates else they will put you in their DND list. Instead make it about your users and they will thank you for it!

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