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Pokémon Go: 5 Major Marketing Insights for Business

Pokemon GO

Over the past weeks, one app has definitely captured the attention of both consumers and mainstream media alike. And we’re talking about none other than Pokémon Go. As you go out, it will no longer be a surprise to see flocks of people aimlessly wandering through malls, parks, and parking lots just to (naturally) catch ‘em all.

Pokémon Go is an ARG or alternate reality game which fuses the physical and digital world by allowing people to physically locate Pokémon spread out all over the world. You can capture and gather Pokémon one by one, through an augmented reality overlay via your phone’s front camera. It’s really nothing more than a short mini-game, cleverly combined with a variety of landmarks and places. Some people also call the game an “ExerGame”, which combines exercise and play. It compels people to go out and keep their legs (bikes, skateboards, hover boards) on the move.

Aside from people who are honestly enjoying the gameplay, businesses of all types and sizes are actually in a prime position to reap massive benefits from this. They can learn from the success of the game and apply the same core principles that have brought it right into international spotlight.

Pokémon Go’s success is certainly not driven by luck. It hasn’t come out of nowhere and the people behind it have done their best efforts to make the game an absolute success. The following are the marketing insights you can get from Pokémon Go:

Social Local Mobile

1. Success of Social Local Mobile or SoLoMo

It’s the new buzz term in the marketing industry. Social Local Mobile or Solomo marketing has been fully realized by Pokemon Go. It has beautifully combined local marketing and social media marketing. It has exerted great efforts in creating a strong traction in social media sites, has attracted the locals from all over the world and it’s now a smashing success, it’s helping small businesses gain extra from foot traffic, and it is last but not least seizing the mobile world by enabling people to interact physically and digitally like never before. How can you apply this to your sales strategy? You need to find out the best means to blend social media marketing effectively with real-life interaction. If you have a physical retail store, look for creative ways to boost your foot traffic and get customers interact with you strongly both in social media and in real life.

augmented reality

2. Seizing a whole new infrastructure

Pokémon Go has been the pioneer in the fresh arena of ARG games. It has completely revolutionized not just the gaming world but the whole business play across industries. It has successfully shown a proven and tested way to interact with customers by creating an irresistible community physically and virtually. For instance, your brand could make your own AR game, team up with some AR game developers, buy sponsorships or even offer in-app purchases with other firms’ AR games. Like how companies can now purchase ads on Facebook, soon it won’t be a surprise to see companies buying ads within Pokémon Go, make branded Pokémon characters, or come up with any other unique ways of engaging potential customers in the fresh Augment Reality world. Pokémon Go has indeed opened a wide door of exciting possibilities to companies since it gives them a chance to track customer behavior and transform with the advent of revolutionary technologies.

3. Potential of Augmented Reality

We can’t really consider Pokémon Go as a smartphone nor a “real life” game. It definitely has a bit of both worlds. It’s amazing to imagine how the game has reached the next level and how a whole new trend is glimmering right in front of us. The cheap digital sensor technology that Pokémon Go is using could also evolve the way people engage with real life objects and their smartphone. There are a lot of things we can do with this discovery. Pokémon Go could be the leader in the AR game field, but along its success could be a new wave of new platforms, communication channels, marketing strategies, and other surprising and relevant uses that the world can enjoy. This sensor technology can have multiple applications we are yet to imagine.

nostalgia Pokemon

4. Satisfaction of people’s nostalgia

Children of the 2000s have always loved Pokémon, and their itch for nostalgia has been well satisfied by the truly immersive platform that lets them experience the game in a more lifelike setting. Think of a big thing from the past that a whole market demands. Fill that need and prepare a good marketing strategy along with it.

5. Thinking outside the box

Pokémon has received the kind of success it deserves. The concept is well crafted, the actual development is done with dedication, and the marketing has never been left out. This only proves that going above and beyond always pays off. As long as you gear your focus towards creating a unique and memorable experience for the users, you are on your way to doing something revolutionary. Don’t be afraid to reinvent the wheel and tap into untested waters. Believe in your concept and do whatever it takes to make it work. As long as the demand is promising, you are bound to reach the top.

pokemon go

Pokémon Go is the epitome of the strong union of real life engagement and mobile technology. Marketing companies and other business ventures can surely be both inspired and challenged to up their game as well. It’s high time to blur the line that separates the virtual and real world for unprecedented profits.

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