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5 Digital Marketing Keys to Help Your Business in the Digital Competition

Digital Competition

In the world that we live in now, business competition has changed dramatically due to the advent of digital technology. The same can be said as true with the relative explosion of the world wide web coupled with the resultant digital marketing capabilities ushered-in by the internet. Brands and enterprises have now been provided with numerous positive, healthy effects that can affect the competitiveness of different businesses, brands and enterprises as a whole due to the markedly efficient gains in using available digital marketing tools vis-a-vis the traditional marketing mediums in significantly lowering transaction costs, lowering customer acquisition costs and affording the ability to access global markets.

Factor in the astronomical growth of mobile search using portable mobile devices like internet-enabled mobile phones, tablets and phablets that have continuously evolved into having enormous data storage and computing capability specifically designed for business owners and entreprenuers on the go.

Competition in the Digital Age

The marketing industry has seen dramatic advancement over the past years, and has shifted from traditional methods in reaching out potential clients and customers to connecting and maintaining a robust relationship with present clients. Businesses and enterprises have dramatically changed how information is disseminated and consumers have readily adapted too by the markedly change in how information is acquired, how it is consumed and where those informations are acquired.

Business competition is a game. Hence all possible venues to lead and be on top of the game and the necessary tools to make this happen are equally important for today’s businesses and enterprises. Digital marketing tools, methods and processes is the way forward and for forward-thinking business and brand owners, is a low-cost, high-gain way to bend the curve and out-do your business’s competitors and to be competitive, brands and enterprises must stop the incessant trials and experimentation and embrace the digital age and transform themselves into a full digital business that they need to be.

Driving Business Growth Through Digital Tech

From a business perspective, the internet and the accompanying digital marketing tools have ushered-in a new way for companies to compete in a different level – from product presentation, trading and distributing products and services. Necessarily this bring forth the enterprising concept of ecommerce and e-trading that is now available across geographical borders world-wide.

keyLeast to be seen as a threat for a healthy business competition, the latest digital trends need not seen and perceived as such. On the contrary, the digital era has leveled the playing field and has empowered micro-entreprenuers, small and medium enterprises and corporations alike to reach out more and more clients and customers without the customary spending on traditional mediums such as broadsheet ads, television, radio, and billboards. The beauty of digital marketing is that everything is flexible and targetable – when you find something lacking or needs shifting, it can be done in a short notice and should it necessary to target a different segment of online viewers, it can be done seamlessly without necessarily going back to the drawing board to redo whatever is needed thus saving precious time and resources.

Today’s digital market and economy abounds with different marketers going elbow to elbow with competitors and, quire literally, do anything and everything just to get those buyers intensely and aggressively all for a fair share of clients and customers. Come to think of it, you are also competing for those same clients and customers! So as an eye-opener for those businesses, we’ve come up with 5 Keys to help you open the locks of digital competition to help bring you to a more productive and conducive competitive environment that is digital.

Key #1: Be Perceptive

Be PerceptiveOne of the keys that can help unlock your digital marketing success is by being perceptive. By being perceptive we mean spotting what your target consumer’s intents are, what they need, how they need it and when then need it. It’s actually anticipating (predicting might be more apt to use) those needs and wants and proactively doing something to deliver those to your intended clients and customers. With the rapid ascend of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the need to transform the typical SEO initiative into Search Experience Optimization (or Customer Experience Optimization (CXO), the need of and the anticipation for client needs is of paramount importance. Additional Key: Simply using keywords or phrases that searchers might use to find you doesn’t suffice nowadays.

There are varied ways to discern what your online searchers and customers might need aside from selecting keywords and phrases. You can also do the following to get a direct feed from your customers:

  • Get it straight from the horse’s mouth. Ask for customer feedback. Nothing can be more realistic than that!
  • Engage customers through online survey.
  • Check your website’s and social media accounts’ metrics and analytics and see which contents online searchers view more often and more popular to them.

Key #2: Be Sincere

be sincereEssentially, sincerity is one of the best policies! Well, if you’re sincere then you’d be honest, right? Online clients and customers are shrewd and because they are, they’ll see quite clearly if what you’re doing is contrary to what you say about your product or service. Project the image of your brand or company as an individual and not merely an entity. Online clients trust individuals over brands. Care to ask why? It’s because while it’s not always the case, consumers have a bias towards brand (the entity itself) because in the eyes of consumers they’ll just advertise just to promote their brands and quite literally, think of their financial gains without thought of the happiness and experience of consumers. An individual, on the other hand, thinks of sharing experiences – both good and bad – to let people know their thoughts regarding the product or service.

Trust is very important and with trust comes credibility. All of these are fruits of being sincere with your customers and clients. This also has something to do with your placement on search engines’ SERPs. Simply put, if a would-be customer do an online query odds are that those doing a search will almost always click on the first results that will appear on the results page. This first results are what is called organic search results. Why are we saying this? The reason is that organic search results are those results that appear on search engines at the top because people – online searchers and netizens find that those provide credible content. And because people are confident with those contents, they enhances page ranks of those brands thus helping your website and your brand. Sincerity thus breeds positive results for your optimization efforts. On the other hand, if a website or brand promises one thing but delivers negatively when visited by online searchers, your website wouldn’t be considered reliable by users and will push your website lower on page ranks and lower on search results. Additional Key: Deliver what you promise!

Key #3: Be Creative.

be creativeCreativity means enticing your prospective clients to get hooked on you. In an age where customers are having lower and lower attention span, marketers are competing against one and the other just to get that, you would be amazed at the extend they go to get customers. As time passes by, it is getting harder and harder to reach out and hold those precious attention marketers want of their clients and customers, how much more keeping that? In order for brands and websites to stand out today, those doing marketing must not be afraid to experiment and be creative in a lot of ways.

Thankfully, marketers of today’s age have digital marketing that offers a lot of fun and exciting ways to jazz up their marketing initiatives. One of the possible way to do this is by incorporating videos to your digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing also affords marketers to produce interactive and highly personalized experience for online audiences in such a way that not only captures one-time clients, but also helps produce loyal customers.

Key #4: Be Helpful

Another key that can help your brand and business unlock its full potential is by being helpful. By being such we mean readily providing good and rich experience to your customers. Being helpful projects you as valuing your customers and clients and taking good care of them. In a world where sales and marketing people often clashes, marketers play a critical role in providing assistance during and even after sales to make sure that customers are happy with the brand or service you provide.

Being helpful comes in varied forms and is frequently incomplex as it seems, it can be as simple as:

  • be helpfulConstructing well designed website (aesthetic wise)
  • Assuring that pages are easy to navigate
  • Insuring that your site and pages within are mobile-friendly
  • Contents that responds to top questions and proving for FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) page
  • Providing contact address, phone numer and email which can be found easily by clients and customers to provide them quick ways to resolve issues, concerns and answer questions.

At the end, being helpful means providing a superb customer experience that will make a difference for your clients and that will set you apart from your competitors.

Key #5: Be a leader.

be a leaderMarketing nowadays verges on new and affordable ways to get a brand’s and business’s message across users no matter where they be and across multiple platforms and devices. That said being a leader means taking a leap of faith to those changes, particularly on digital marketing. With the advent and growing penetration of the Internet and the tools, processes and services it spawns, businesses and brands must use these to their advantages. Specially given the fierce competition on all fronts to get and retain customers, industry and brand leaders use all that they can get their hands into and mold it to their advantage. Why take the back seat when you can be the driver, right? So take the plunge and use all the digital marketing tools you can use and strive to be the best in providing the needs of your customers and clients while taking into full consideration your users’ experience.

Wrapping Up

The 5 Keys we’ve shared doesn’t necessarily guarantee success in the digital economy. What can it do is for business owners and entrepreneurs is for them to do an assessment of how they are faring in the digital age and to address strategic concerns that may help them to compete and out compete.

Digital Marketing Key strategies

These keys we provided are not magical solutions to your marketing woes. Nor are these a one-stop-solution to all your marketing concerns. With all the online digital marketing tips, tricks and how tos you can find on the internet, the keys we’ve provided are just some of the things you can readily do, adapt or modify according to what you would need for your digital marketing. The keys are ways to open up broad possibilities that the digital era has afforded but samely, a wrong key won’t open-up those doors.

In a nutshell, these digital marketing keys are possible strategies and strategic digital marketing actions you can do to take the lead over your competitors. Again, digital marketing works best when you think of the most valuable asset your brand and business can have, your customers. Be the best that you can be in providing the best possible online experience for your clients and customers while taking into consideration other searchers and everything would fall in place.

So take a deep breath, analyze what you are doing digitally, plan and strategize and put those plans into action.

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