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Seize Google Analytics Metrics Opportunity for Your Success

Google Analytics

With our 100% practical confidence we say that Big Data Analytics assists us in making boring numbers interesting and helps in measuring website success. Google Analytics is the “go for it” free tool in the hands of digital marketers to get right insights and information about which content on your website is working, how much time visitors are spending, which social media channel is referring most traffic, how your paid campaigns are performing, know about conversion details, know about the exit pages, and do much more than this.

If you are not using Google analytics yet, it is an indeed a valuable SEO “Must Have” tool! That is why we are sharing 5 well-proven reasons why you must utilize Google Analytics metrics for making your E-commerce and digital marketing a hit.

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Get Real-Time Direction

Let’s say, you have a website, company social media profiles and you are running Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and YouTube advertising etc. By looking at the real time visitors’ information, you can get a lot of information about their geographical location, top referral website your visitors are coming from, which active pages and videos are getting traffic, learn about number of page views, time spent and what are the top keywords users are typing to find your product and services.

Without all these real-time insights, a business can lose track of its most valuable link: the customer. Knowing what is working and what is not working will help in making positive changes in content, landing pages, offers, website flow, improve website speed which further helps in increasing your conversion goals.


Learn All About Your Visitors

Needless to say, every business whether it is online only or those that have a brick and mortar shops too they need website to widen their reach. Obviously no business can survive with only website traffic and you also need leads and sales.

That is why you need Google Analytics to know everything about your visitors who are accessing your website such as their location details, age, interests, technology they are using and so on. You need to target your marketing efforts in line with your visitor’s demographics, likes, interest and have a 100% mobile friendly website bases on your visitor’s profiles.

Narrow Down Best Ways to Acquire Customers

The idea here is that you should know that how the various acquisitions channels are performing for you. There is an awesome Acquisition section in Google Analytics that tell you about the social media channel acquisitions, Google AdWords, YouTube advertising, Facebook social advertising, acquisitions through Google Display Network, website landing pages, details of ran paid campaigns, organic campaigns, so you get to know the number of customers being acquired from different channels. This knowledge about how various acquisitions channels are performing would assist in cost analysis, conversion rate and learning about users’ flow.


Get Insights on How Visitors Go About Accessing Information on Your Website

Every user is different however we can derive average time spent, average pages sessions, average bounce rate (the rate at which user exits a website when only interacting with a single page), average new sessions, top events, events flow (videos or downloads) and In-Page analytics which would tell a lot about how users are browsing your website. If there is scope for improvement, a well-known digital marketing and SEO company can sure fix ways to better user engagement and do away with things that are harming easy user flow.


Boost Your Conversion Rate with Google Analytics

Every business has varied goals and also goals change with business cycles. If yours’ is a PR website then one of your major goals is to drive website traffic. If you are running a campaign to have maximum downloads for your e-book, your strategy or goal would change.

If yours’ is an ecommerce website then probably you would be making use of product performance, sales performance, transactions, and revenue generation (all part of ecommerce tracking). Then if your website is created to generate leads then the “Contact Us” page or “Fill the Form” section will help you in your conversion goals. This feature of tracking Conversions is very useful one for businesses and is often remains a neglected one.

Final Words

We know that you are thinking that all these numbers are too much to decipher, however if you torture the data for long enough (and in the right way), it would confess. Often times, business owners are not able to pin point what is working and what is not working in their marketing efforts, and this is exactly where Google Analytics comes into picture as a very useful tool. One has to dive deep into the available data to understand how things are connected and how this information can be used to make wise decisions. At last, one of the bonus point of using Google Analytics is that you will be able to explain your marketing efforts and success in a simplest manner to Directors and board members using Google Analytics.

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