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YouTube Advertising. The Things You’re Missing Out

YouTube Advertising

At this very moment, do you see someone watching a YouTube video? Quite possible that you do and may be just not one person, but many near you could be watching YouTube videos as you read this. As matter of fact you might have been watching a YouTube video just some time ago, isn’t?

We are not trying to state something obvious of course, however we want you to know the extent of YouTube usage today and how it is being used rapidly for online marketing purposes. Is it that you need more reasons as to why you should implement YouTube marketing for your business? Okay let’s share with you the 3 reasons to use YouTube advertising to double your business’ sales in less than a month.

YouTube Users

Massive YouTube Users

There are millions of people searching for relevant videos which they want to watch on YouTube and thus not with much surprise, YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google.

Other startling YouTube statistics are that 60 hours of videos are uploaded on the website every passing minute, over 3 million hours of videos are being watched each month on YouTube and over 800 million unique users visit YouTube every month.

Marketing Tool

Powerful Marketing Tool

What does all the above numbers mean? All the above statistics makes it clear that it is not just our coworkers or friends who love YouTube videos, by far simply all people love videos. Moreover the good news for marketers here is that YouTube marketing is still in a growing phase and it is not that crowded like other channels. Right now businesses can get good return on investment with YouTube marketing.

Science Behind YouTube’s Success

Let us demystify the mystery behind the growing impact of YouTube. As it seems, one can convey emotions more easily with videos by removing the visual barrier that plain text has. Undoubtedly with videos one can tell a more powerful story about a brand, product or service. All smart phones are optimized for YouTube viewing with its inbuilt app and today more than 66% of world’s mobile traffic is video based.

YouTube Videos

Many Purposes

A lot of people use YouTube for different purposes like some could use it for watching “how-to” videos, watch movies, listening to songs, watch funny videos, view news, see brand videos and do much more. United States is already using the power of YouTube marketing and it is time that Asian countries also start making use of YouTube as their marketing tool to reach more customers online.

YouTube Statistics

More YouTube Statistics

Other important statistics state that 60% of respondents to a comScore survey said they would watch video previous to reading text on the same webpage. 22% said they generally like watching video more than browsing text for examining business information and in another survey by Forbes, 65% of U.S. executives stated that they visit a vendor’s website after viewing a work-related online video. In yet another survey, 96% consumers believe that video is extremely useful in learning more about products.

With well curate and well placed videos, advertising on YouTube becomes a success story for businesses.

YouTube Statistics

Before You Launch Your YouTube Marketing Campaign

Since today people have reduced attention span, YouTube videos are a great advertisement medium in the hands of marketers. Go ahead and run a series of YouTube videos for your B2B or B2C campaign. You are only charged when a user watches the ad for at least 30 seconds (or more) or takes an action like clicks on the call to action button.

In-Display and In-Stream Ads

One can either run TrueView In-Display ads or In-Stream ads depending upon your needs and on testing basis to see high traction. In-Display ads are those that you see as related ads to the one you are viewing on the website or YouTube mobile app.

Whereas In-Stream ads are those that will appear in results for searches, and on YouTube home page, channel pages and video pages. Managing a YouTube ad campaign is a professional ‘s work which requires setting the budget for the campaign, selecting the right method of running the ad either standard delivery or accelerated testing, setting the target audience on the basis of location, demographics, language, interest and then optimizing the campaign further for best ROI.

Video Ads

Cheap & Targeted TrueView Video Ads

Most viewers prefer TrueView In-Display ads as these play a 3-4 second preview and gives a viewer the option to skip the video ad. For marketers this is really good news as they only pay for reaching an audience that is interested in viewing their ad and they pay when a user views at least a 30 second sponsor’s advertisement video.

On YouTube, marketers don’t pay for TrueView In-Display 3-4 second impressions neither they pay for website clicks. Moreover you can select the right audience that you want to reach through your YouTube marketing campaign such as a particular income group, city, age, country, keywords, interests and much more. In other words, as not every advertisement is meant for everybody and with YouTube ads one gets the option of narrowing down their prospective buyers/viewers for best ROI.

Concluding Words

Right now YouTube advertising is a resourceful medium to tap into millions of users online. With video marketing your business is future proof since adapting to the latest advertising methods is the best answer for staying relevant with your target audience.


YouTube ads would also assist you in your SEO practices with the use of meta titles, meta descriptions for business videos. Business videos further can be used in your e-mail marketing, social media profiles and during customer meetings. Another report from AOL platforms confirms that YouTube is strong social media network for online conversions with 500 million clicks and 15 million conversions achieved.

With YouTube TrueView In-Display ads, marketers can select their target audience and moreover they pay only for visitors who have shown interest in their video advertisements. So don’t wait for your competitors to make the early move in adopting YouTube advertising and leaving you behind! It is simply clear that NOW is the best time to make use of YouTube marketing to double business sales.

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