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4 Ways To Create Awesome Content That Everyone Loves


In the past articles, we have emphasized the need to have a content marketing strategy to help you in your SEO goals (Search Engine Optimization) and for establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. So business owners, with a dream of increased sales, they hire SEO services and content writers to boost their sales funnel and reach millions of customers online.

In this post, we will share key 4 easy to do and easy to remember points for content developers to assist them in the uphill task of writing great content that gets shared and read by audiences. Lastly in the end we will share how business owners can measure their content marketing strategy and their return on investment from it.

4 Ways To Recast Your Content Strategy for Increased User Engagement

Focus On Your Audience

Focus On Your Audience

Choose a topic which users want to know more about, have questions around it and develop the contents of the article in a way that is easy for the audience to follow. For this, you require to do some homework and so make notes by looking up the Internet for popular articles on the chosen topic, look up social media profiles and Facebook groups around the topic, and question and answer website to know exactly how people are making queries around that topic and read most of the influential articles written on it. Pick up the most used phrases and pain areas in your article.

After all the research, try to write your article in a most simplified manner with added useful points for the reader. I know easier said than done, however with practice writing useful articles gets simple and just remember that right from the heading to each sub heading, the complete article should assist the user in finding the solution to that one question or problem they have at hand.

Article Heading

Choose Your Article Headings Carefully

Once you have all the necessary raw materials, you need to write a catchy heading for your article. Write an interesting short heading that is not too long, and the one that focuses on one focal pain area of the reader. When the heading is written in such a way users will relate with the article and if it is written in a interesting manner, they will instantly click on it and voila, you get your hundreds of visitors! Remember, your blog heading is one of the most crucial aspect compelling a visitor to click on your complete article.

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Leverage Maximum Outreach With Social Media Marketing

We can totally understand you are hoping that there is little to no work left, once you are done with writing your article. The truth is you should put about 20% of your effort in creating excellent content and rest 80% in promoting it. With millions of website and blogs today, how will people know about your piece of content, unless your promote it and share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and many such website. Try to get the article published on popular website with a link stating the original article was published on another website.

As a content developer myself, the work of creating good content takes the time it takes however one must remember that they need to put a lot more effort probably thrice the amount of effort in making sure that the article reaches more and more people through Facebook marketing, online promoting and sharing it.

Social Media Sharing

Optimize Your Content for Social Media Sharing

In the beginning, the SEO analyst puts SEO title, meta tags and description for the website. The next step is optimizing the article for all the social media website since Facebook has different image size format so does Twitter and Google+ and so on.

If you are not doing this, the article feature image will not be displayed properly and very few people will interact with your articles. An experience social media marketing partner has professionals who understand how to best promote client’s website content for increased visits and sales. For example on Facebook when you are sharing a link, one can change the post image, remove the URL and add different post content. Do re-share the article on social media even after few months and get same published on other relevant websites for greater reach. Remember great content has higher shelf value.

Concluding Words

Your content strategy should focus on all the key elements right from the point of content creation till its delivery to the audience. Good content needs to be supported with well designed and attractive images. You can embed videos and info graphics for higher engagement and reach among the audiences.


With digital marketing, business owners can reach out to millions of users online and an established digital marketing partner would furnish proper reports on user engagement, user’s exit points and other useful information to help you measure your ROI.

Google Webmasters and Google Analytics tells everything about how the user has interacted with website pages, how much time one has spent on particular pages, provides information on user’s demographics, what phrase they have used to land on a particular page and which website channel is providing with more referral traffic. Keeping track of Google Analytics reports and social media insights helps business owners to best judge their return on digital marketing efforts.

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