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How to Create Irresistible Offers and Increase Your Profit By 30% or More

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The frontline of any business is the sales and marketing department as this is the part of the company that can directly communicate the offers and value to consumers and also get money upfront. Any type of business can benefit heavily from a dedicated sales department whether it is a health business, a service business, or even a food business. Individuals who can push any type of product through sales skills are definitely big assets to each and every company.

Of course, if you want to close a sale, then you have to give your customers a deal. And it can’t just be any deal—it has to be a good deal. One thing that you have to know about people is that they don’t like being sold anything, which is why hard selling is often a turn-off to potential customers. If you want your customers to buy your products, you have to entice them by giving them an offer that they can’t refuse. To do that, you have to make them a deal. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to craft a good deal which always ends up in conversions.

Go Mobile

go mobileCustomers are not restricted to buying things at home with their desktop. In fact, it has been found that about 90% of transactions are started in a device but finished on another. It’s either one browses products at home, but decides to buy one while riding the train. If so, you want to be there when the idea strikes. Be accessible on mobile and make your website mobile-responsive.

There is also research in 2014 that shows that sales through the use of smartphones outnumber the sales through the use of a desktop computer. You’ll be crossing out a great number of potential customers if your site is not yet on mobile.

Use the FAB Method

FAB methodBefore you give out your offer, you must first give out your pitch. This is your product pitch which will try to convince the customer as to why your product should be bought. For this, you can use the FAB method. FAB is an acronym for Features, Advantages, and Benefits and is the usual outline for the product pitch of a salesperson.

You start first with mentioning the features of the products. These are the features that you can see on the box of the product. For example, if you are selling a frying pan, a feature that you can mention is the pan is made of ceramic, so it’s a ceramic frying pan. Next, you go to the advantages. You can compare, let’s say, your ceramic pan to a metal frying pan and note the advantages. Lastly, state the benefits. How a ceramic pan can help people. For example, a ceramic pan doesn’t let food stick to the pan easily which makes cooking and washing easier. When doing the product pitch, you should follow this outline.

Use Effective Content Marketing

content marketingContent marketing is a strong factor that drives digital marketing into motion. With a blog or website, you make your business visible online. However, you always have to consider its content. Are you keeping it fresh and interesting?

If you are selling to a consumer, then you have to know that you sell basing on how your potential customer feels. You apply this in content marketing. After you’ve finished stating the facts in the features and advantages part, you have to touch emotions in the benefits part. Most people buy products so that they can either alleviate a fear or satisfy a desire. In some cases, people look for a product that does both. For example, I can sell a supplement that can make your immune system stronger, preventing you from getting sick a lot and also help you lose weight because of a detox feature. The benefit that alleviates fear is that it prevents you from getting sick, and the benefit that satisfies a need is that it helps you lose weight which will make you more confident. In this case, it can do both. To further stress your point, you can even ask questions about their problems and insert your product into the conversation and make it seem like the product you’re selling is the solution to their problems or their desires. This is one of the most effective content marketing strategies.

Be at Every Social Media Site

social mediaHow can you let your products be known to people you don’t have personal access? The answer is quite simple; you only have to go to sites people frequent, namely social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. are some of the sites where people go to interact with one another. You have to consider all of them potential customers. If you’re able to reach out to these people, you’ll be able to increase the chances of getting customers. You only need to employ effective social media marketing plan and you’ll increase your brand’s presence on the internet, thus increasing profits.

Make Good Use of PPC

PPCFirstly, you must think how you can get people to click your ad. The answer should be using the right keywords and creating an interesting headline. Once a potential customer clicks on your ad, they’d be transported to your site. Make sure that your message in your ad is relevant to that of your social campaigns and the pages associated with them. Keeping your PPC relevant turns clicks into sales. However, you not only need to consider these. Time is also important. If you view the different dimensions of tie, you’ll see that you can get more clicks and conversions in a specific time of the day. Once you have this data, you can go to the setting tab and set the right schedule of posting your ad.

Do the Close!

This is the part of the process where you make the potential customer want to seal the deal—the closing part. Always remember that when you want them to bite, you have to make the sale worth their money. People, in general, don’t want to part with their money, especially if the product costs a lot. So it’s up to you to come up with a deal that will entice them to buy. Usually, you have either discounts or free stuff or even both at the same time. For the discounts, there are times wherein the customer will negotiate for a price drop. The technique here is to start out with a very small discount and then go bigger until you’ve reached a max. The max discount is your standard discount rate. Always create one for yourself, so you have room to play.

Another thing you can do is play with the quantity. Give a bigger discount if the customer buys more. Of course, you have to create your table of your rates for which quantity. For example, for 10 pieces, you get 5% discount, for 50, you get 10%. This is only an example, and you can only play around with the figures.

Another way you can close the deal is by offering free stuff along with the product. Everyone loves free stuff, so before your customers can haggle for a discount, show them the freebie. This will attempt to distract them from wanting a discount. Of course, you have to make sure everything has already been cost in (ex. Free Vacation, Free Product, Free Bag, etc.).


Lastly, you can add special services along with your product. For example, you can add a 30-day money back guarantee if your customer doesn’t like the product. You may also add free shipping or free maintenance. If your customer has a limited budget, then you can give payment terms. The techniques you will use all depends on you.

So, in order to create an irresistible offer that your customers will adore, you have to understand them, pitch the product to them, pull on their heartstrings, and then make the purchasing experience worth the money. This is a standard outline that you can follow, but it’s up to you how you will creatively execute the deed.

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