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Conventional form of advertising such as full size cover page ads on popular print magazines, TV prime time ads, front page newspaper ads and buying radio airtime obviously remain as expensive conventional advertising methods. Does it means that social media advertising is thriving now? Let’s find out.

As it is, most business owners are faced with the conundrum of finding the right advertising medium which is good for their business and which will have most return for their investment. The top news for marketing heads is that there has been a soft shift from traditional advertising methods towards digital marketing and social media marketing in recent years. Digital marketing is huge in 2016 and has become the most sort after way to reach out potential and present customers.

facebook ads

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the number one social media marketing platform with its 1.59 billion active monthly user base. Facebook paid advertising has become the most budget friendly medium to engage in paid social media promotion activity. This is because you can start paid advertising on Facebook with less than $20 to $30 daily and get traction from the paid promotions.

connect online

Connect Online

Social Media and Digital Media Marketing is not a choice in 2016 rather has become more of a norm to reach serious buyers as more and more people are searching for products and services online. They want to know everything about your services before they can buy from you and they want to know what other people are talking about your brand or reviews of your services and products. Users love information that is transparent and getting real connections online is essential for businesses today.

Consumers today are using their mobile for looking up almost everything online from a location, about searching products and finding about company’s information. There are fraction of moments when users are seeing your brand name and display ads online which further compels them to make a purchase or create a memory about your brand often called as social recall.

organic vs paid

Organic vs. Paid Reach

Organic search based reach is limited and with paid advertising one can reach out to people who are not yet looking up for your brand name or service. It opens up new buyers for you and once a person on Facebook likes your page or post by clicking on the Facebook page ad, also their friends in their network can see details about your services and offers. It leads to more impressions and most important is that you only get to pay when someone actually performs some action (likes/shares/clicks) on your paid ad on these social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and many more.

social media users

Social Media Users

Referring to statistics around mobile users, according to Pew Research Center, 65% of adults are using social media in 2015, other stats state that Facebook has 989 million mobile daily users, Instagram largest community of young users has got 400 million monthly active users, Twitter powerful micro blogging site among the big and famous has got 310 million monthly active user. So it seems that everyone is using social media advertising (and that is true!) to get consumers attention and what differentiates you from others is how well your social media marketing efforts are planned.

So first a quick recap for you to remember that there are enough users are online on social media websites waiting to become your customers. They are bombarded with ads, visuals and offers and in these micro moments only the most attractive, planned and useful offer gets noticed by consumers.

hire professionals

Hire Professionals

For this above critical job, it is best to hire a professional social media partner for your Facebook advertising efforts. These people have professionals with years of industry knowledge who create powerful ads using their team of graphic designers, conversion content editors who help create unavoidable offers and they make use of data, insights and purchase flow to ensure that your leads convert to actual sales. Without a professional digital marketing company, a lot of business owners don’t get to see the fruits of the digital marketing efforts.

google adwords

Use Google AdWords

Social media marketing, Google AdWords, search based Google ads (PPC text based ads), Google display network ads (images based) and remarketing (ads on Google partner sites) remains as effective ways to reach hundreds of consumers. With Google AdWords, business owners can display their search based ads on the first and second page of Google search pages and with remarketing they can follow up with their consumers who have looked up for the services in the past.

Final Words

It is essential that while using paid social media channels, you don’t run your paid campaigns on auto, because there are a lot of customization that is possible to optimize your ad campaigns. A professional social media marketing company after creating your campaign they would set the target audience for the promoted ads and then optimize the campaigns after looking at actual insights and data to improve the campaign’s CTR (Click through Rate), CPC (Cost per Click and finally the ROI (Return on investment).

With proper planning, business owners can decide their yearly budget for social media marketing / Google ad words and line up their current efforts with a well placed conversion strategy. With clear results furnished by your digital marketing partner, you will know the results achieved from your social media marketing, Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads and online retargeting efforts.

Social media advertising is really attractive for marketers now with Mobile ads, video ads and digital media advertising as top game changers in 2016 and beyond.

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