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Breaking the Barriers: Integrating Digital Marketing Best Practices for Your Business’ Success

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In highly digitalized business environment, online marketing plays a very crucial role for brands to get the word out and for target consumers to know what you offer, be it products, produce and services. The 21st century consumers nowadays have significantly changed compared to those consumers in the last decade or so. For one, the internet have afforded consumers to experience first the brand even before buying through other consumers and compare what providers are offering at a click of a mouse or at a touch of the fingertips.

That said, consumers nowadays have the power to dictate the rise and fall of brands and companies figuratively and quite literally. With the digitalization of businesses and enterprises and the successful removal of barriers both physical and geographical through the world-wide-web and through social media consumers have effectively transformed the way businesses compete for domination by effectively ushering and lime lighting the e-market. Consumers are veering away from the traditional unidirectional marketing into the Omni-channel marketing channels and interacting with brands on platforms that are the most convenient for them (the consumers), and having the expectations that a specific brand would readily be able to provide answer to their queries and most importantly, providing the best user and consumer experience.

Breaking Barriers

“Digital marketing tools and technologies have effectively broken down all barriers – physical or otherwise – while capacitating consumers to demand seamless user experience.”

Pang Seng Ong
Chief Digital Marketing Officer,
RapidCloud Singapore

New technologies and innovations have enabled consumers to read emails on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, phablets and the like, check websites, see promos and the like which have efficiently empowered them to do things like purchasing items, booking flights or hotels and reserving restaurants with just a few taps and clicks anywhere, anytime right at the their own convenience. Meeting the expectations and needs of the consumers of today necessitates the need of an integrated digital marketing campaign that would allow businesses and brands to be present where customers are and engage with potential clients and other people on all of forms of digital marketing platforms such as social media.

Digital MarketingHaving an integrated digital marketing campaign entails huge challenges for people doing marketing and their marketing department which necessitates the need of uniting your company’s teams together and bind them to achieve your company’s goals, objectives and strategies.

Brands that want to lead the competition and be successful must learn to grow as an organizations. How do they grow? By breaking success barriers that shackles and drags down their brand and integrating digital best practices and incorporating the same to their over-all marketing plan and strategy.

While the internet abounds with all forms of tips and tricks to help brands and enterprises, we’ve come up with our own list of proven best practices that brands and enterprises needs to be mindful of as they work towards their ultimate goal – business success.

Pull Your Act Together: Teamwork Really Works

DM practices TeamworkBreaking barriers between the different teams within your brand’s organization is the first major step you need to hurdle towards developing a successful integrated digital marketing campaign.

It’s almost a mantra for businesses doing digital marketing and social media marketing to maintain unity of message among different online channels. The same is true in your brand’s many departments and teams. Your teams are different channels, and they resonate with the same message otherwise your brand falls because not all are moving in the same direction as you or other teams do.

For many companies and brands, incapacitation are number 1 concerns that rule marketing process today. In fact, in a study, these superfluous setbacks cost brands and companies a projected $958 million per year. These setbacks, as reported by online marketers, are a main reason why deadlines are not met or fail to meet, which in turn is a tell-tale mark of brands that lack of communication and lack of consistency in the expectations of a brands many teams and departments.

Brands and companies have to focus on uniting their different teams and departments together. For example, people on the development of content development; those people responsible for content strategy, content writing, SEO, content publication, content promotion and those measuring success of the content requires to be working harmoniously collectively as one to produce the best possible content and getting that content to the right audience at the right time.

The same is also applicable with the different teams inside your brand’s marketing department which includes people doing paid content, paid search, social media marketing and email marketing. They should be in same page as others to meet your brand’s common goals and objectives by working together as one towards meeting equally beneficial end results.

Develop common strategies

DM practices strategyIn order to be successful in using integrated marketing, you have to bring your diverse teams together for consistency, uniting them under common strategies that you would employ or use. Your brand’s users and your clients would want to see, hear and read the same message across multiple channels that you are using – be it social media platforms or other platforms, regardless of whether those customers are communicating with your brand’s representative, with your website or your social media accounts.

In fact, in a study published in 2014 by SDL, a company that focuses on language translation and global content management, 60% of surveyed millennials says that they look forward to a consistent experience from a particular brand across channels. To generate this type of experience from users, customers and clients, your brand needs to focus on certain key areas:

● Be familiar with who your brand is targeting for certain campaigns. Being familiar means knowing where they are and how they interact with your brand.

● Be familiar with the channels that they would most likely use to communicate, interact or buy and effectively use that channel or platform to reach those target audience.

● Develop, generate and produce a uniform and integrated message that would help to persuade those targeted audience across all your brand’s platforms. This would mean using parallel language, graphics, designs, videos and other effects to unite the campaign together.

Evaluate accomplishments

DM practices evaluateAfter building and executing an integrated digital marketing campaign, you would need to make sure that you understand how to properly evaluate your brand’s digital success.

A concrete example is when you have special online promotions, such as discount coupons or special QR codes for promos, you can embed those coupons and QR codes with tags that will help you know where those discount coupons or QR codes were accessed such as via your website, through promotional email or your brand’s social media accounts.

You can also find out from your website’s analytics the sources where people go into your websites, how they interact, which pages they visit more frequently, what devices they use and other data. Tools, like those provided for free by Google, will let you know and gauge the performance of your website’s contents on different devices such as desktops and mobile devices which will help you decide which ones to modify and which to maintain. Through online tools and methods, you would also be able to track page rankings and page performance before, during and after each and every campaigns.


For you to break success barriers that hinders your brand’s triumph over competitors, integrating digital marketing best practices is a must.

The basic and fundamental tips you have just read are but some of the best practices you can incorporate not only on your digital marketing campaigns or your social media marketing campaigns but generally on your common, day-to-day efforts to boost your brand’s credibility, increase brand awareness and to be ultimately successful in piloting your business in today’s highly combative digital economy.

Digital technologies, digital marketing and social media are here to stay. Make use of these present-day marvels to fire-up your business and to be relevant as you continue to improve and move forward.

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