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9 Foolproof Ways to Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine


Is your website attracting customers or is it driving them away? The best suggestion is to have an overall website design that retains the visitors’ attention, solves their problem and has got call to action buttons to help them in their next step during their scanning of your website. In this blog post we are going to take you through 9 most critical aspects to prevent your customers from running away to your competitors.

Know Your Customers

customersUnderstanding your customer is of paramount importance. Know as much as possible about them, their interests, age, occupation, likes, dislikes, location details and income group. Try to understand their behavioral aspects and how they would respond to your messages. We need to create website content and create a conversion flow using these insights about customer profiles and customer behavior.

Showcase Your Value

Your customer needs to know why they should buy from you, why they should take your services and products. Tell them upfront, and bring it to the forerun the message that your brand stands for (brand saga), its value preposition. And quality of services/products. This way you will inform your prospective buyers what they need to know about your brand and it will assist them to make their decision to buy.

Content, Flow & Website Design

websiteThese three things will influence the customer greatly: The website content/copy which should be written keeping the customer in mind always, use user insights (psychology) to design the flow of the website which means how the customer will move their attention while browsing the website pages and build clean website with design friendly fonts and all the information placed strategically on the landing pages.

Build Trust with Testimonials

testimonialsUse credentials and testimonials of your current and past customers that will resonate with your prospective customers for instant trust building. People have a tendency to positively take reviews and remarks from fellow human beings versus plain advertising. Try to use the most effective testimonials on your website. Add social media profile widgets on your website for those must have social media communications and display page likes and followers.

Customer-Oriented Copy with SEO

keywordsThe first point of this article which is on how to best build website leads by knowing your end customers will assist you in your content. Use clues from own reviews (and competitors) and make your content simple and easy to comprehend. Use effective SEO strategy and incorporate keywords in the content so that Google, Bing and Yahoo can crawl the content for those top searched keywords. The website content should answer your customers questions, queries and give them a solution to the problem they have at hand. The conversion copywriters’ content should be just enough persuasive, design oriented and should be written to benefit the user.

Research and identity keywords based on your customer’s need and searches so that they get most out of the website copy. For maximum return on investment (ROI), lead generation using SEO is the leading marketing tool.

Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

search engineGet the on- page SEO done thoroughly and work on the off page search engine optimization daily. Remember SEO is the number one marketing tool to generate more leads. Business owners and digital marketers need to know that it works this way that with effective best practices SEO in place, they can increase the traffic to the website, generate more leads and finally mature/convert those leads. SEO lead generation works on two methods, one is organic search results and paid advertising. With an established SEO company as your digital marketing partner, business owners can achieve great leads from their website.

Improved User Experience

Use the code/UI to improve the users’ experience with your website. If required revamp your website design if it is an old website. Website designs do get obsolete over time and these need to be rebuild upon new design marvels and codes. Like the use of Flash which has totally become obsolete, website owners should take an expert website development company’s advice on unwanted elements on their website which drive customers away.

Mobile Friendly / Responsive Website

responsiveA large number of users are accessing the Internet on their mobile phones and tablets. In order to not miss on that huge number of people, business owners need to invest in a responsive website for their products and services. Not to mention that Google rankings also improve with a mobile friendly website in place.

Put Contact Number and Next Steps

Don’t leave the customer to decide what next they should do as they might just leave without contacting you. Rather guide them with where to click and how to find the information to reach you. Put your mobile number and email address on the top of the website. Tell them to sign up for subscription, Newsletter for daily updates from the company or about the pricing of the various packages.


Research and identify keywords based on your customer’s need and searches so that they get most out of the website copy. For maximum return on investment (ROI), lead generation using SEO is the leading marketing tool.

Digital marketers should use different web pages for different purposes. There are visitors who already know about your company/brand and such visitors would rather click directly on the pricing/product/contact page. Then there are new visitors who wants to know about your company name, your brand value and reasons why they should stay on the website or what is in there for them. By utilizing the purpose of well created pages and its content, website owners are better off at providing valuable content to visitors.


Every page on your website has its purpose and the home page / landing page has its first purpose to get visitors attention. Users will stay on the landing page more when they are able to get answers to their questions or the problem at hand.

When they get answers to their questions, the click through rate (CTR) improves and users would click on next steps like pricing and signup for newsletter or product/service pages. Always put only one focal purpose on the landing page of the website that is to grab the attention of the customer and solve their pain areas, this way your sales funnel would always be fueled. With improved click through rate (CTR) and low bounce rate, you can achieve high conversion rate (CRO) from your website.

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