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Don’t Do Google AdWords Until You Read This


It’s true, the number of people who want to succeed online is growing exponentially by the day. Among the three major pillars of digital marketing, Pay-Per-Click is perhaps one of the most surefire way to guarantee results. Part science and part art, the success of this method boils down to accurate research and planning. Many entrepreneurs though still think twice of using Google AdWords, but there exists a plethora of marketers who strongly believe that it does work for businesses of all shapes and sizes, either for the short or the long haul.

However, you can’t just readily jump in without establishing an informed decision. To get you going, here are some points that you may or may not have already thought about and the lighter side of every contention.

google adwords

Negativity #1: Google AdWords is just so expensive!

Yes, it does cost you money. However, everybody should understand that every marketing channel comes with a cost. The thing you should be focusing on is whether the marketing investment is reaping a good ROI or return on investment. Most firms spend lots because they let unqualified third parties to run their campaign or set their account on auto-pilot.

To make AdWords less costly and more lucrative, follow the tips below:

Learn how it works

The very reason people are wasting their money on the campaign is because they don’t take time to learn the whole process. Sadly, it’s not the most easy-to-understand system. You really have to study and experience its nitty gritty to get the knack of it.

Utilize more limited match types

Are your match types too broad? Well, that could be the reason it’s getting super costly. If you set broad match types, your ads will unnecessarily serve irrelevant audiences, wasting lots of clicks. This doesn’t mean you have to stop the use broad match keywords for good. Just ensure that you also set up negatives in order to block those irrelevant searches, bid on exact keywords or phrases at much higher bids to gain more relevant licks, and regularly track your Search Query Report to check if you’re paying for the right keywords people actually search for.

Set your budget & bidding strategy

You have to know how much you can afford to spend and set a daily budget. To do this, you must bid manually to gain control over your campaign’s flow and your budget’s coverage.

Track spend

There are several reasons why your AdWords spend is getting out of your control. Check if the keywords trigger irrelevant clicks, avoid using automated bidding, or trace if there’s an algorithm update that’s causing your spend to shoot up. Thus, you must be active even for just 10 minutes a day to review your KPI’s and spend regularly. Doing this will free you from letting your money go down the drain.


Negativity #2: Our SEO is already doing well, so we don’t have to pay for clicks.

Paid search thoroughly complements great SEO. SEO might not be 100% reliable. No matter how religiously you follow the trending SEO practices, top rankings can still be hardly guaranteed. Having both PPC and SEO under control can save your rankings no matter how abrupt SEO algorithms can change.

If you are already doing both but still doubt the effectiveness of this combo, check your analytics for you to see the value of blending your SEO and paid efforts.

Negativity #3: The traffic I’m getting from AdWords doesn’t convert.

There are lots of reasons why that could still happen. With the right management, page search efforts can really produce large results in terms of conversion (unless your business’ products or services lack the quality the market is looking for).

Here are other reasons your campaign isn’t getting the kind of results everybody is getting:

Poorly structured account

The structure of your account really matters. You’re probably targeting overly broad, irrelevant, or low-quality keywords. Perhaps you’re not making use of negative keywords to block those irrelevant searches, and the ad groups are perhaps stuffed with lots of unrelated terms. Establishing a properly structured account is your first step in gaining big favors from AdWords.

Overusing dynamic keyword insertion

Dynamic keyword insertion is a tactic wherein you can insert query looked up on Google to your ad to make it ultra-relevant and boost the click opportunity. This is actually a good technique if done well. However, abusing it by bidding on irrelevant keywords and utilizing them with DKI are a bad, bad move.

Irrelevant Ads

Your keywords have to match your ads which have to match your landing page. If someone has searched for a pair of sneakers and was redirected to a landing page with hats, the user will, of course, bounce back and deem the site irrelevant and a rip-off. If you’re doing this and still wondering why you’re not generating sales, then just stop speculating and start reorganizing your strategy.

Uninteresting landing page

You might have personally considered your landing page a sensation, but you never know how the actual users truly respond. No matter how expensive your designer is, at the end, it’s the users that send out the final remark. If you are getting clicks but zero conversion, then there must be something wrong with your landing page. Follow the best practices in revamping your landing page. Use A/B tests to check which variation is the most high-converting.

No remarketing

B2B companies must never purely rely on searches. You should go the extra mile. The best way to go about this is through remarketing. Cookie your visitors, follow them around with your relevant offers, and constantly remind them that you exist. Brand reinforcement is of utter importance amidst the tight digital competition.

Negativity #4: I got no time to manage it.

This claim is heard everywhere. Yes, the process can be time-consuming, and if you are not paying careful attention in establishing the campaign, the results might remain far off. Don’t worry. You don’t have to do everything manually or independently. There are lots of systems and tools that can help you assess, monitor, and tweak your PPC campaign. Using effective tools can make your life easier and can help you save a great deal of time and energy.

google adwords

The best thing to do now is to cut the excuses and just do it with determination and care. After all, everything worth doing is worth doing well.

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