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Instagram Reveals Video View Counts To Lure Video Ad Dollars from Rival YouTube


Videos play an important role in capturing a brand’s targeted audience. With billions of online video viewers across multiple online digital platforms, videos presents an under tapped, vast potential for online advertisers, business owners and video creators alike.

According to a published report in Adobe, a whopping 51.9% of online digital marketers and advertisers find that video is the kind of content that produces the best Return of Investments (ROI). In the same report, it cited that shoppers that view videos are 1.81 times more likely to buy or make a purchase than those that do not. While content remains king for both online and offline traffic generation for websites, videos do not fall far behind either.

Google’s YouTube have seen the vast potentials of video when it comes to generating views and eliciting consumer response across different product niche and have been dominating the video market. In YouTube’s report it revealed that their partner revenue has consistent been up by 50% year on year for three consecutive years. Facebook and Instagram aren’t far from taking a bite out of the video pie slice though. In fact, in an article posted by USA Today, Facebook, through its Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, said in the Q3 earnings call for investors in 2015 that the social media giant’s videos averages 8 billion views daily.

Instagram’s View Count, Why It Counts?

Facebook’s Instagram will begin rolling out in the next few weeks a video counter which will tell you how many people have actually viewed your video. The view counter that will be rolling out of Instagram provides a glimpse of how well the video that creators have uploaded is being accepted by viewers.

With 400 million active monthly users world-wide, views also provides a visualization of how strong the community in Instagram is engaging with the video content or how it is being accepted by Instagram users. Given that the amount of time people view videos online across different platforms is on a continuous rise, more and more creative people are benefitting in choosing videos as a platform for innovative and appealing first-person narration for it to be alive and well-received specially on social media platforms more so on Instagram.

With users views the acceptable gauge of users’ feedback on videos, this is actually ripe time for Instagram to start rolling out the said feature on the social app. Video creators will begin seeing view counts below their videos where before what you can see is the likes. You can still see the likes a video has by tapping the views symbol.

From the time when Instagram launched video two years ago and when they’ve introduced Hyperlapse and Boomerang, Instagram’s video took-off. It had become a sensation not to mention an important tool for those creative people to share and communicate what they thought of something. And because viewers and consumers alike are humans, nothing really compares with telling something using videos.

Remember, we humans process information and data faster when we can visualize an idea. Come to think of it, we are all visually oriented animals living in the digital world and with it the visual tools available in different forms. This latest innovation that Instagram adopted is one of the many ways video is getting better and better on Instagram for this year.

Why Video Matters To Brands and Enterprises?

Primary, videos affords marketers to give life to their ideas. What we mean is that it is the best conduit to convey ideas visually than in abstract form. Like what we have stated earlier, humans are visually oriented. When an idea or product or service is presented in visual form, it is easier to comprehend and understand the value of what you want to tell. Secondly, videos include viewers into the story. It touches on the basic human emotions; sadness, happiness, anger, love and anything in between. It (videos) affords target viewers to empathize with you and what you want to portray or convey for your brand or business.


Instagram’s continuing innovations to improve the delivery of video services only fortifies the position that video is an emerging viable content medium that is far more profitable than the conventional and traditional text or that of banner ads not just for online digital advertising giants like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like but also for online advertisers and video creators.

In For the Rolling out of Instagram’s View Counter

While it is true that the video view counter of Instagram is not the first on social media platforms to provide the said feature however Instagram is a social media powerhouse having 98 of the Top 100 Fortune companies using their services and active on the social media and the countless people becoming instant Instagram stars, providing a measuring tool other than “like” is highly essential.

Instagram said that the video view count feature would start rolling out in the next few weeks so it’s something to look forward to. Also, Instagram said that the said update would be offered in Instagram’s version 7.16 on iOS and Android-based mobiles and devices. This view counter that Instagram will have can greatly help creators to be more ingenious in their video productions and creations.

By tallying the number of views which is more the impressions a video has received from online social viewers they can know which ones are faring well and which ones do not to improve their craft. As stated earlier, the likes a video garnered can still be viewed. The company also hinted that in the foreseeable future more exciting and viewer experience changes will be announced and made available for the loyal Instagram users across the globe.

So, IG users there and about, let’s wait and see for more of Instagram in the near future.

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