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Snapchat Marketing Strategies This 2016


For just less than 4 years in the industry, Snapchat has already garnered 100 million active users with over 700 million snaps sent per day. However, despite the staggering numbers that prove its promising potential, many marketers are still not certain as to how to maximize this millennial dominated, mobile-only platform wherein messages get to self-destruct in mere seconds. Whether you have already experienced marketing on Snapchat or you’re still about to immerse in this compelling domain, you need further strategic ideas that can help you double your efforts. Here are some of the latest Snapchat marketing trends you shouldn’t miss.

Tell engaging stories

Stories produce experiences. They also reveal why your message is unique and are the emotional glue that connects you to your customers. That’s why they’re important for effective marketing. From children to adults, they provide a medium that everyone can relate to. Marketing campaigns should always be backed with stories, especially on Snapchat. You don’t need elaborate stories here. You just have to keep everything engaging. Snapchat users don’t mind the exact flow of your content. Rather, they could appreciate real-time, behind-the-scenes shots of your business. Reach out to your audience on a more emotional level by showing that your business is not just a profit-making institution. Show the real personality of your business by going deeper and reaching out closer than ever before.

It doesn’t need to be complex. Each snap should be as understandable as possible. The key is making sure the followers are engaged. Users don’t care much how exactly each snap looks like. They are more drawn towards the emotions and ideas each snap represents. Shape information into solid meaning with the power of stories in each and every one of your snaps.



Get real and be fun

You might think that marketing isn’t really authentic due to its profit generation business function. But what is authenticity? It’s usually defined as staying true to your purpose, what you do and represent and towards the people that you serve. The fact of the matter is though, that in our day and age only genuine businesses manage to inspire and prosper.

The more virtual our lives become –and this happens exponentially- the more we chase something reliable, trustworthy but above all real. With a capital ‘r’. The best kind of content on Snapchat is amusing snippets or unique concepts. The less serious your approach is the more engagement you’ll receive. People appreciate authenticity and the crushing reduction in people’s attention spans makes this all the more important.

Source: https://www.snapchat.com/ads

Source: https://www.snapchat.com/ads

Invest in vertical ads

Some claim that Snapchat isn’t quite ready for the big leagues of advertising. Snapchat has been attempting to seize viewers’ attention with digital advertising modified to fit the app’s vertical video style. But, the vertical interface of Snapchat makes it challenging for video producers to diversify designs. Designating vertical ads may quite be a challenge. However, everything will pay off once the result is seen. Vertical ads tend to take the whole screen up, allowing no space for distractions. Moreover, vertical video ads also get more attention from the audience, and it’s proven by its 9x completion rate over the usual horizontal videos. It will really pay off if you take time to maximize the efficiency of vertical ads. In social media marketing, it isn’t just about following the usual patterns that work in one platform. Approaches vary widely from one channel to another, and the sooner and better you understand this, the wider your door of opportunity becomes.


Cross promotion

The most convenient way to start building a fan base in a whole new social media channel is to leverage on your other established social media networks. If you have an established page on Facebook, no one’s stopping you to share your Snapchat username on your next post. Or you can even add your fans directly on Snapchat if you have the information needed. You can also just plug your Snapchat link to your next blog post or article. Maximizing QR codes to add contacts is a good idea as well. Know your resources and leverage from them. You don’t need to generate a whole new set of leads. Be smart enough in detecting and recognizing marketing opportunities that can help you reap rewards in an almost instant sense.


Source: Snapchat Youtube


If you want a more seamless transaction, using Snapcash can be of help. It’s a whole new in-app service that’ linked to your debit card. It enables peer-to-peer fund transfer that conveniently covers future transaction with your customers. It sure will be very interesting to see what the future holds but irrespective of the outcome it’s safe to say that Snapchat is decently placed to reap big rewards.

Start early

The best time to start reaping rewards from Snapchat is no less than today. Look at how other businesses are reaching the peak in this platform. Follow the industry trends and join the jolly crowd. The best move to thrive further is always to never stop growing. If you still haven’t started your Snapchat endeavor, it is synonymous to stalling the growth of your digital marketing campaign.

Chamath Palihapitiya, former Facebook executive told Bloomberg that “I don’t think anyone saw coming what they are building “At worst, they are the next-generation MTV. At best, they are the next-generation Viacom.”

Whatever platform you’re focusing on, always be up for changes. Things change as time flies. This 2016, be sure that you’re setting yourself up for a competitive advantage, not just in your business model but even in your marketing campaign. Seize a wide digital market by supercharging your marketing efforts. Retain the propensity of your existing social media channels, add more networks like Snapchat, follow the right techniques, and in no time, you’ll definitely enjoy the fruits of your hard work. All the best!

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