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Do You Want To Be A Successful e-Entrepreneur? Learn From These Practical Lessons


Success doesn’t come gift-wrapped or served in a silver platter. It is born through diligence, hard work and honest labour. Learning from past experiences of e-commerce sites and those came before you; whether success or not, affords you the opportunity to avoid pitfalls and replicate or innovate from the methods used of those that have been successful or not.

Regardless of you running a physical store (or usually called a brick-and-mortar store) or planning to start an e-commerce site or any digital-based shop or store, you can learn a lot from the experiences and successes of established e-commerce businesses from around the globe. In any industry and product niche there is in the world-wide-web, e-commerce sites and shops have radically changed how people advertise, buy and sell. It has forever altered the fabric of business as we know it and transformed the way people share ideas and experiences, how people learn and communicate with each other all over the world.

I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.

The above quote was attributed to Confucius, (born as Kong Qui in September 28, 551 B.C), a well-regarded and highly esteemed Chinese philosopher, teacher and statesman during the period known as Spring and Autumn in Chinese history. His teachings still echoes through the ages and apply to the 21st century digital age. Indeed, if you are contemplating to open an e-commerce site or an online store, you should hear to know, see and remember and do to understand. While it is true that there is no such thing as a universal recipe for success, those who have preceded you; online shops and stores that have come and stayed and those that have left offers invaluable insights into proper ways in planning, operating, maintaining and growing your business to make it last and stand the test of time.

Here are three wonderful insights that we hope can inspire you as you work your way around starting your very own e-commerce site:

1. I hear, I know. I Use Stumbling Blocks As Stepping Stones.

Obviously there would be glitches and hitches as you begin venturing on establishing your online shop. For some these can paralyze them into inaction and be stymied. To be successful, you should view limitations as a way to think outside the box and innovate. The ability to bounce back and address a problem is one of the main reasons why some online companies prosper and others fail. Sometimes, glitches and hitches are rough diamonds waiting to be pick-up and polished and when you do, this opens up new possibilities to whole new markets or totally new ways of doing things.

For businesspersons, there are many benefits to facing and taking head-on challenges and limitations ingeniously. Before surrendering when you’re confronted with your next major business hindrance, devote some time finding ways to look at the problem in a different perspective. Oftentimes a dash of perspective is what is needed find a gem of an idea that will help you achieve greater heights.

2. I see, I remember. I Use Insights to Remember.

To be successful e-entrepreneurs and have successful online businesses you also need have a lot of time dedicated in collecting, collating, tracing and exploiting insights from your site to come up with fresh new ideas for novel products, services and other ideas to enhance your business.

Businesses that gather their customers’ information and make use of those gathered data can easily and effectively find ways to lure in new customers, attract shoppers to buy and convince previous buyers to buy again from them. Whether small or big or anything in between is the size of your online shop, you should find time to study your sites insight or metrics because it gives you a glimpse of how people are interacting with you. Numbers don’t and won’t lie to you. In this digital age, measuring can mean the long-term success of your business.

Some of the indicators an e-entrepreneur must watch includes: average number of visits, cost per acquisition of each new customer, website and landing-page conversion rates and daily, monthly and yearly purchase rate.

These data can be used by you to run your business efficiently and effectively. For example, certain metric values can show you to try multiple strategies and approaches to increase your conversion rate if it is too low. Then again, if your acquisition cost per customer is excessively high, you can adapt lower-cost marketing methods.

Improve your bottom line by trying and gauging your business elements over time.

3. I do, I understand. I Seek Customers’ Feedbacks.

Known brands and business succeeds in their endeavours because they actively solicit customers’ feedbacks. Doing this will let you understand how customers and clients engage, react and appreciate your product or service. It is also your way of connecting with the bread-and-butter of your online business – your clients. This is a central practice that businesses should adapt, use and do to find out what customers think is good with you and what is not for you to know the specific areas that you need to improve.

You can do an EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) to send out questionnaires, do a quick survey onsite (on your website itself), do a polls survey on your social media and others for you to collect feedbacks of your customer. Some questions you can ask are:

• Is there something you need us to improve?
• How was your experience shopping with us?
• Were you satisfied with the services we have?
• I there something you want us to stop doing?
• Would you shop again from us? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Feedbacks are necessary to gauge how you have impacted on your clients. It’s one way of seeing and knowing your users’ experience while visiting and viewing your site. Your efforts on the digital frontier must always focus on who is more important – your clients and customers.

Big and well-known establishments and brands and online e-commerce sites gained their popularity and the love, respect and loyalty of their clients not because of magic or some kind of a voodoo spell. It happened because they’ve worked diligently and very hard and have considered everything about optimising their clients’ user experience.

Tip: Make your clients happy. Day in and day out think of whether they are happy with their experience visiting and buying from your site; remember always that a happy and contented client will patronize you and has the capacity to act as your brand ambassador.

In Hindsight

No matter what nature of enterprise or industry niche you are in, there are plenty of proven strategies and success stories you can adopt and imitate from those successful e-commerce and online businesses which can help you improve the way you appreciate and run your business’s operations and offerings.

Consider your strategies in making sure you make your clients happy and contented. Ask this question: Am I sure I am giving the best user experience for my clients online? Are they satisfied with the services I am giving? What can I do to make sure I am on top of the online shopping site for my clients and customers?

Try This Equation: Superb User Experience = E-Commerce Success


Being successful on any digital initiative; be it an info site, news or more importantly, e-commerce websites, user and customer experience is the primary consideration. As stated earlier, users, web visitors and online customers are the life blood of your business. To gain more and more loyal clients, listen to Confucius’ teachings: hear your customers, see your clients and do everything to make your clients happy and contented.

If you find yourself stagnating and losing ideas to grow and make your business successful at any stage, go out and find encouragement from some of the well-known brands and e-commerce sites there is.


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