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Honesty Is Still the Best Policy: Digital Lessons You Can Get From Essena O’Neill

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Two weeks and counting and social sites and the web are still abuzz with the seemingly controversial talk-of-the-town. The online debate on this apparently divisive issue stemmed from the announcement of Essena O’Neill, the successful 19 year old model saying that she’ll be quitting from using Instagram.

The model’s adulthood was half-destroyed due to too many exposures and engrossed modelling career. Publicly confessing, O’Neill said that the public perception of the picture-perfect life she promoted and publicized isn’t really that perfect. With an obsessive lifestyle coupled with the constant need to brand, took a huge personal toll on O’Neill, realizing it has gotten harder and harder maintaining a façade of glitz and glamour. Her pronouncement on quitting Instagram was sensational; much more sort of a soap opera happening in real life or the types of Hollywood actress’s glam life taking an ugly turn or that of ancient sob stories echoing true the ages in myriad forms.

So, the question that begs to be answered from the experiences of this 21st century story of a glam girl is what lessons that can be gleaned from this?

1. Spiderman’s Uncle Ben Was Right.

Remember the 2002 Spider-Man movie? In one scene, Peter (spider-Man) has a talk with his Uncle Ben saying, “Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.”

The 19-year-old claims to have been offered thousands by companies for advertising promotion – Photo: Courtesy of Essena O’Neill/YouTube

The 19-year-old claims to have been offered thousands by companies for advertising promotion – Photo: Courtesy of Essena O’Neill/YouTube

At this juncture, it should be stressed the absolute need and necessity for moving up giving better education from higher learning institutions – the colleges and universities world-wide – from their long list of priorities. Why the urge to give better education when we would be delving in to platforms that are sort of being used by the majority of the population? Such allusion to having better education brings in the questions of the whether social media is being used in faking things or does it allow to be used to manipulate people’s opinions. (Hint: Of course not!)

By the very term itself, social media alludes to the fact that interaction is of utmost importance on these platforms hence the term “social”. Social media are platforms designed to allow people – the users – to share, interact and socialize digitally. It lets people to share and exchange information, whether textual or visual across communities and individuals.

It must be stressed at the onset that the individuals using these platforms are the actual creators of the content that can be found on these social platforms. Another thing that needs to be pointed-out is the fact that final arbiter, the judge if you will, of those contents and how we interpret those are ourselves and the people involved in our social links. Questions of ethics and morals haunt and will haunt the depths of the murky waters of how a social platform affects us being both makers and arbiters of the contents we post and see.

A lot has been said and written about the awesome power of social media marketing and what it can do to brands and businesses and how it can propel brands into the limelight and make it the buzz-word of digital consumers. As much as it is true, however, without a clear insight as to how it is done and which are effective, it would be pointless – even startling or puzzling–to start with. The idea is to know first the platform and understand how it operates and interacts to be able to harness the great powers of any given social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or anything other social platforms. Understanding is the initial step, but the most crucial step is knowing the underlying principles – the written and unwritten laws – governing these sites and the need to remember and adhere to these laws. Getting the fundamentals rights before even starting is the key to successfully use social media.

2. Truthfully, Be True.

We’ve all heard the aptly saying that content is king. It really is. Content – what people read, see and view – are really important. It is the driving element for people to decide whether to follow you or not to. For people to like, follow and share your leads or answer call-to-action, it is crucial to let know people you authentic, truthful and trustworthy. Content would let you touch the psyche of readers and affect the way they think of what they would decide to do. Making this happen entails putting ourselves in the shoes of readers or followers; visualizing how they would react and act on any given stimulus. Doing so would make it easier to connect and have a significant and reciprocally advantageous bond with followers.

3. Fine, Focus and Fine-tune Your Market Niche.

Ever encountered someone professing to know 9or believes to know) a lot of trades? Those who call themselves jack-of-all-trades? Chances are, in one way or another they fail to do what they profess to know. The same applies to anything digital; social media, online shop and others. What matters most are knowing what your client wants and needs and how you can fill that need effectively. After knowing what your client needs, offer a solution that you are familiar and knowledgeable with. Don’t try flattering your client by trying to appear to be a know-all, do-all.

4. Length and Girth; It Doesn’t Matter.

That’s figuratively speaking. Literally, though, it is way better having 3,000 loyalty and true online followers than having 10,000 that doesn’t even read, comment, share or like your content. Quality matters and not just quantity. Online marketers know that what really shows the success of anything online is that of the actual engagement; the interaction of a content with the readers and viewers. That’s the key that’ll in the long run push your brand to new heights. Recognizing; either by thanking or acknowledging interactors signals that readers or viewers are being made important.

5. Do A Steve Jobs: Valuing Patience.

Patience on the ethereal world means waiting and working proactively to be successful. Success comes from working and doing whatever is needed while bidding time. It’s about realizing the fact that success never happens literally overnight and if someone tells otherwise, it’s a big flat lie. Being patient and having the patience to wait doesn’t mean leaving everything to chance, though. You must work hard and keep in mind that all your hard work in your social media marketing labours are part of your long-term goals and you must commit to it because doing so will set you and your brand apart. Remember, hard work pays-off in the long run.

6. Glow and Grow.

What makes social media platforms as an exciting tool to brand and for brands is that the moment you post something of interest or something that piques the interest of readers is it bound to be liked, shared and distributed in an infinite number of times by your social links and those that are connected to them. It is what drives social sites–individuals are social beings; always connecting and making connections hence the value of social media platforms like that of the social media titan Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others.

7. Connect Build and Network.

People use other individuals; specially influential and known ones, as sounding boards when looking at products, services and the brands themselves across a wide variety of product niche. An influential person tends to influence how people react – either to buy or not like Essena O’Neill. In O’Neill’s case, she has a lot of followers and people listens and watches her closely. Her dress, make-up, perfume, travel and leisure and everything else in between, she impacts on those followers that they are willing to buy because they’ve seen or heard her using or doing so. That’s the astounding power of social media – the power to connect, convince and galvanize people or buyers into an action.

Planning comprehensively and thinking of how social media marketing can help you or brand is very important for these online platforms to be successfully used. Pulling together the many elements that are necessary to successfully use any online platforms can mean the success of anyone’s endeavour to gain the trust and following of your targeted audience.

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