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Facebook Marketing: How To Get Ahead in 2016

Facebook Marketing


It’s undeniable. Facebook has become a huge part of our daily lives and it might be safe to argue that we, as users, have actually become somewhat addicted to the platform. With Facebook growing as we speak (at exponential rate), there is a plethora of marketing opportunities presenting themselves to business owners on a daily basis. As it continues to evolve and grow in the oncoming year, we will be able to see many marketing trends emerge.

With people continuously craving for avenues where they can attain more information, be ready to pay more money to spread the message of your business or brand. Increased competition and noise will drive prices up but at the end of the day it’s all about optimization. Creating a business Facebook Page and sharing it with people in your network can only do so much. These days, Facebook will actually help you gain more traffic by giving your page top billing in the newsfeed of random people. If you are a multinational company and would want to spread your brand far and wide, then you will probably need to pay even more for exposure, always taking into account the respective demographics and psychographics of your target audience.

Leveraging the Power of Facebook Groups

First of all, let’s take a look at private groups found on Facebook. This is something that is quite often overlooked. Notice that over time, more and more people have been creating private groups on the platform to share information with a selected number of people. Soon, we will expect businesses to utilize private groups in the most popular social media platform in order to share content that is meant for the viewing pleasure of few individuals. We will also expect to see businesses giving their premier customers special treatment by allowing them to enter something like a “VIP customer” Facebook group, where their needs will be catered to a whole other level. It even replaces membership sites up to an extent.

Creativity Redefined: Facebook Carousel Ads

Another exciting feature that’s expected to blow up in the coming year is the Facebook Carousel. The introduction of carousel type of ads has been linked with improved ad performance for the respective advertisers since its inception. At its core, it’s a new tool that allows for multiple images and links in a single ad. While considerably driving down costs-per-conversion compared to single-image ads, this format makes room for way more creativity while we are trying to meet our different marketing goals. So when we come across the ad of this fancy new food delivery service which just opened its doors in town, all we need to do is swipe right and see more of their menu! Unprecedented engagement, right?

Integrating Ecommerce Features

Over the next few years, we will experience a surge in online buyers. It is because of this that e-commerce will flourish. Facebook is sure to join the bandwagon and establish themselves as leaders in the field. We can already see that some Facebook stores have been making use of a “Buy” button wherein users can buy products directly from the respective business Facebook pages. This will open up a new dimension for e-commerce and will allow users to have new buying experiences. Although this is pretty new since it came out around the middle of 2015, it is slowly being embraced by the Facebook community. Expect the “buy” button to receive more recognition in 2016 as more and more people are now starting to shop online. We will probably be introduced to a “sell” button sometime in the future as well, but that’s still to be seen.

Interactive Articles Making Publishers’ Job Easier and More Efficient

We will probably be seeing a more prevalent use of instant articles. Whenever we browse articles on Facebook, we are probably used to clicking on an article from our newsfeed and waiting for Facebook to redirect us to the external site. In 2016, we will have more instant articles. Instant articles are pieces of content that you can simply read on Facebook itself. Once you click it, it will instantaneously appear while at the same time crediting the analogous traffic to the end page. No longer will you have to wait to be redirected to the original site – it’s clear that traction is being eliminated.

Easier Sign-ups and Even Lesser Traction

Lead ads have been around for some time already, but their presence is expected to be more prevalent the oncoming months. But what exactly are these all about? They are sign up forms that allow you to register for a certain event or a certain website. What makes them different from regular online registration forms? They will instantly show up once you click on them. The best part is you never have to leave Facebook. Only a few businesses and organizations are currently using this tool, but it is soon expected to be widely adopted.

Improved Audience Insights

Having a hard time determining the target market of your Facebook likepage? No problem, Facebook has designed a tool in the Ad Manager section that will help you determine what type of customer you should be targeting based on your content. This marketing tool is known as Facebook Audience Insights and gets updated quite often. It literally tells you who your followers and customers are. So if you are stuck wondering how come your likepage does not have enough views and followers, it is probably because you are targeting the wrong crowd. Audience Insights will help you determine the right crowd so that you can reach them efficiently both in terms of timing and costs involved.

Facebook has been connecting businesses to people and people to businesses in quite unpredictable ways. The best part of it all is that they will keep on doing just that as time passes by. The future definitely seems ecstatic for marketers and business owners alike. The company is sure to continue its evolution while simultaneously making things easier for businesses who want to spread their influence far and beyond. Any sensible business owner can’t really afford to do anything else but join the party.

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