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Digital Marketing Street-smarts And Trends You Need To Adapt This 2016


The field of digital marketing is fast becoming sophisticated each day. More and more innovations are being tested and developed everyday aimed at helping businesses and enterprises adapt to the rapidly changing digital world. Whether small or big and anything in between, businesses are hurriedly scrambling to ride the tide of change in the sea of digital marketing to be competitive and to be successful this 2016.

The same applies to how fast digital online marketing evolves. Every year sees the development and introduction of newer hardware, innovative software which necessarily means new user preferences. The digital world sees the dissolution of boundaries and geopolitical barriers thus opening-up competition. With practically hundreds of millions of websites and e-commerce sites one must not be complacent and must posture itself to adapt active measures to be successful and remain competitive and relevant in this changing times.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the emerging and surging trends in digital marketing that definitely would matter this 2016. Expectedly, business owners, online stores and digital marketing managers may want to take this into account and adapt and focus on these to ensure that they are reaching their target clients and impacting the right audiences while attracting them on a personal level by delivering impactful and more relevant message. This means improving user and viewer experience on a whole new level.

Invest in Native, High Quality Ads

The increasing rise in the use of ad blocking software and apps also raises concerns over the viewability of online ads. This is turn poses very real challenges for marketers and website owners as a whole. 2016 sees the need for re-evaluating and retooling their online ads by taking into account this emerging challenge. Likewise, online publishers, online advertisers and site owners need prioritising the need to draw a comprehensive plan aimed at delivering quality ads that will not be read as spammy by ad blocking apps and software.

One way to mitigate this is by emplacing precautionary measures in ensuring that your online advertising aims would not be in tatters due to ad blocking. You can do this by using native advertising. Native advertising is defined as an online advertising that mirrors the form and function of the medium where the said ad appears and because native ads looks, reads, and feels like it is not intended as a promotional content, ad blocking software will not prevent the same from being displayed.

Multi-device Tracking

By far mobile is the main thing that drives cross-device views and page visits and experts predicted that there’s no lull yet in this trend. Mobile search and page acquisition dominates desktop and other conventional devices in organic search. Given the continuous development and innovations in technology, page viewers and site visitors nowadays have the ability to start a search activity on one device and finish on another. This phenomenon of cross-device search and conversion necessitates the need innovate on tracking site visits. This also proves that media budgets across multiple digital channels are working overtime which in turn means lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) for those into digital ads.

This 2016, marketers are expected to mainstream brand-generated online content from events that are live-streamed, fresh content using behind-the-scenes recordings and conversations. Utilizing this and with high-quality and highly consistent content emanating from both users and brands, it is anticipated that the result would be a surge in the number of audiences and collaterally, attract big player investments for online digital advertising.

Surging Social Commerce

Social media has captured steadily increasing users. 2016 sees no stopping to this. With the continued innovations and new social e-commerce platforms, like Facebook’s platform specific to online stores, it is seen to continuously enable to shop within a social network thus providing the best of both worlds to online retailers and consumers. Combined with better user experience and the ability to instantly communicate with the target market and audience consumers can now accomplish their shopping without leaving a social media site, this equates to higher conversion for online retailers.

Following the pioneering works of Facebook and Twitter, in 2015 social media sites Pinterest and Instagram introduced the e-commerce platform. Pinterest is currently testing what it calls “buyable pins” which is expected to roll out in the United Kingdom. It’s something to see what this type of innovation can do social e-commerce and to social channels.

Vivid Video Ads Rocks

It’s a fact that aside from being social animals, people are visually oriented having the ability to process information if it can visualize a concept, idea or thought. Given this and cognizant of the recent upsurge in mobile video, ads using videos is seen to emerge and continue to grow. Realizing this, the titanic search engine Google has recently moved and included TrueView Video ad campaigns to its standard AdWords platform. This move means that video ads have been given the same status as other ad campaigns in targeting options and campaign structures. This may very well mean that in the foreseeable future video ads would start appearing in the search engine results page (SERPs).

Retooling Optimization Approaches

In the not-so-distant past, majority of digital marketing strategies have heavily relied on SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) for their advertising campaigns and initiatives. With the advent of Siri (that voice you call out to on your Iphone) and Cortana (your ask-to thing on your Windows Phone), this changes everything. Siri and Cortana are called personal digital assistants (digital assistants) which can be enhanced (or optimized) to answer queries from consumers.

Search engine optimisation is an ever evolving field; it’s a science and an art. Changing times means changing tricks, techniques and methods and it would be wiser for businesses and enterprises to make certain their business details can be easily found and accessed using virtual assistants aside from listing their information on the web.

In A Nutshell

With the increasingly competitive digital market, adapting and anticipating trends in the digital curve is the best way for you stay ahead and beat your competition. Instead of being paralyzed into inaction, business and online store owners should feel much more in control. Why? It is because the needs of enterprises and businesses and the progressively more erudite preferences of consumers both dictate the direction where digital marketing would go as a whole.

2016 promises to be a new and exciting year for digital marketing. Digital marketing has grown by leaps and bounds and is taking a lead role on online advertising and marketing. With the current innovations; both technical and technological, digital marketing is becoming more user-friendly. Translated, this means enterprises and businesses have a lot of tools at their disposal to open-up new markets and lead the competition.

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