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Top Photo App of 2016 Prisma’ Success Story Now Revealed


Let’s catch up on one of the most exciting 2016 photo editing mobile app Prisma core reasons behind becoming the most used and viral fun photo editing app today.

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DM mistakes
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Are You Making These Digital Marketing Mistakes? And How to Avoid Them

For some online marketers the thought of Digital Marketing and the integration and adoption of the same lies with the perception that you can do digital marketing repeatedly while experimenting and trying to find the perfect combination that in a way would fit in to the demands of their particular ...
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10 Ominous Signs Your Website Badly Needs Revamping

We live in a highly digitalized world. Since the advent of the dot.com era, businesses have never before been as close to consumers than today. Nor has man been able to connect and communicate across miles, oceans and across geopolitical boundaries. The exponential growth of the number of Websites available ...
social media
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6 Common Fatal Social Media Marketing Myths for Startups

First off, we are not going to talk about folklore / legends here. However we are interested in busting widely held false and wreckful digital marketing believes that owners and startups believe to be true.
Pokemon GO
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Pokémon Go: 5 Major Marketing Insights for Business

Over the past weeks, one app has definitely captured the attention of both consumers and mainstream media alike. And we’re talking about none other than Pokémon Go. As you go out, it will no longer be a surprise to see flocks of people aimlessly wandering through malls, parks, and parking ...
Digital Competition
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5 Digital Marketing Keys to Help Your Business in the Digital Competition

In the world that we live in now, business competition has changed dramatically due to the advent of digital technology. The same can be said as true with the relative explosion of the world wide web coupled with the resultant digital marketing capabilities ushered-in by the internet. Brands and enterprises ...
Google Analytics
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How to Setup and Install Google Analytics in 5 minutes

With the right knowledge, anyone you can start with Google Analytics in no time. The reason why we say just anyone because really you don’t need much technical know-how for it. To tell you, we have often seen the case of huge delay in enabling Google Analytics on websites from ...