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Why Your Business Needs Its Essential Company Logo?


Alright let’s begin with doing a Google search for you and see what we get for the phrase “small image logo”. What we got was a lot of great logo designs from many years of logo work. The SERP results gave us results of Apple’s logo, Google’s logo, NBC’s logo, Coca Cola’s logo, Johnson’s logo, Nike’s logo, Disney’s log and many other powerful and well recognized logos known to mankind. So essentially a logo is an image or a graphic that depicts the brand and is used on all its products / marketing material as a brand’s identity (intellectual property)!

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New Technologies for Your Ecommerce Website Success

Do you think you can affect the world by what you browse? This is especially true if you are shopping online as you will be definitely impacting the ecommerce business which is worth more than a trillion dollar business today.
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How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Affecting Our Search

You might be a little disappointed to know that AI or artificial intelligence in our actual life (or in the near future) is a bit less glamorous compared to unnerving sci-fi movies we watch today. You imagine why the difference? Well movies are always larger than life and they are made ...
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Sure Ways to Fire Up Your SEO Rankings

We think you should know about the best 2016 SEO hacks so we are going to tell you about those top SEO hacks here. We are doing this because your website high rankings is our motto! With these good to know hacks, one can improve their website Google rank fast ...
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Top Photo App of 2016 Prisma’ Success Story Now Revealed

Let’s catch up on one of the most exciting 2016 photo editing mobile app Prisma core reasons behind becoming the most used and viral fun photo editing app today.
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Are You Making These Digital Marketing Mistakes? And How to Avoid Them

For some online marketers the thought of Digital Marketing and the integration and adoption of the same lies with the perception that you can do digital marketing repeatedly while experimenting and trying to find the perfect combination that in a way would fit in to the demands of their particular ...
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10 Ominous Signs Your Website Badly Needs Revamping

We live in a highly digitalized world. Since the advent of the era, businesses have never before been as close to consumers than today. Nor has man been able to connect and communicate across miles, oceans and across geopolitical boundaries. The exponential growth of the number of Websites available ...